Great Barrier Reef

Why not go to the Great Barrier Reef this year, find a Great Barrier Reef Hotel, and have a Great Barrier Reef holiday? As one of the many thousands of visitors to Australia you are inevitably drawn to the Great Barrier Reef without necessarily really knowing what it is, where it is, and where is the best Barrier Reef Hotel to take the best advantage of it. So think on this:


The view from space

The Great Barrier Reef off the east coast of Australia is the only living organic thing visible from Space. It is one of the wonders of the natural world - it is the world's largest coral reef ecosystem.

The reef is scattered with beautiful islands and idyllic coral cays and covers more than 300,000 square kilometres. The Great Barrier Reef system consists of more than 3000 reefs which range in size from 1 hectare to over 10,000 hectares in area. There are more than 600 islands of the Great Barrier Reef, some of which contain great hotels for you to stay at.

The real question is what Great Barrier Reef Hotel would suit you the best?

The Top 10 rated hotels in a recent poll were as follows:

1. South Long Island Nature Lodge, Whitsunday Island, Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef

2. Voyages Wilson Island, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef

3. Lizard Island Resort, Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef

4. Beach Club Resort, Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef

5. Voyages Heron Island Resort, Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef

6. Voyages Bedarra Island Resort, Bedarra Island, Great Barrier Reef

7. Voyages Dunk Island, Dunk Island, Great Barrier Reef

8. Peppers Palm Bay, Long Island, Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef

9. Hayman Island Resort, Hayman Island, Whitsunday Islands, Great Barrier Reef

10. Kingfisher Bay Resort, Fraser Island, Great Barrier Reef

There are all types of accommodation at all prices, with activities to match the budgets for your Great Barrier Reef holiday. They range from very sophisticated resorts like Hayman Island and the beach club on Hamilton Island, a secluded adult hideaway at Peppers Palm Bay.

Lizard Island resort at sunset

You must make extensive enquiries about each hotel, because there are many more than can be mentioned here.

Both Whitsunday’s Great Barrier Reef islands and Queensland's Great Barrier Reef islands are ideally suited for honeymooners, families, divers, beachcombers or nature lovers - in fact anyone looking for an idyllic, exotic, sun kissed and pristine holiday destination that is a rare escape from a stressful world.

If diving or fishing are more your thing for your Great Barrier Reef vacation then Heron, Wilson, Lizard or Lady Elliot are the places to go.

Here we have nature at its best with turtle hatching, bird rookeries and whale watching, (all seasonal) Lady Elliot Island is an ecological wonderland.

If you are looking for total and complete luxury, then Hayman, Green Island, Orpheus, Bedarra, Peppers Palm Bay and Lizard are top of the list

If it’s a family type vacation then the prices and facilities of South Molle Island, Dunk, Hamilton, Hayman, Daydream or Fitzroy make perfect sense for that tropical family holiday.

If you are looking for something in between, then Hamilton Island, South Molle Island, Daydream Island Resort & Spa, or Long Island Resort, are worth investigating.

Other Island resorts closer to Queensland's vibrant capital, Brisbane, are also world famous and easily accessible by vehicle and ferry, with all resorts operating their own transfer services.

The superb Kingfisher Bay Resort on World Heritage Fraser Island, and the health and activity focussed first class Couran Cove Island Resort on South Stradbroke Island off the coast from the Gold Coast should both be checked out.

I hope this has given you something to think about in terms of a suitable Great Barrier Reef Hotel for your next Great Barrier Reef vacation

Check out Hotels in Australia here.

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  • Wice says
    If you have kids, staying at Club Med on Lindeman Island must be one of the best options - you never even have to see them at all if you choose not to - and I've heard the Beach Club Resort on Hamilton Island is super child friendly too. From either, it's a day trip out to the reef.

    Most of the boats land at a floating resort vessel/pontoon for your time on the reef. These have all the facilities you could need and offer snorkelling (with full gear included). If you are not one to venture into the water, the base I visited had huge glass underwater viewing windows, as well as glass bottomed boat rides and helicopter trips over the reef.

    The rest of the family went snorkelling but apart from the experience, said the coral was pretty mediocre and largely burnt off. I guess this is because the locations is chosen is shallow and easily accessible for tourists who overwork it. The fish were fantastic I believe but don’t go there expecting to see tons of brilliant corals or you may be disappointed.

    I chose the helicopter ride (extra) but it was truly spectacular, giving a totally different perspective of the size and amazing colour of the reef. We flew over that incredible heart shaped bit (see below). It was really memorable and well worth the cost.

  • Foreverme says
    ....Yes please to this who wouldn't want to dive into those crystal clear waters?The only thing that would hold me back is a Shark.But wow it looks amazing!!!
  • Elisha says
    Good info Thanks.
  • New Member says
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  • New Member says
    Amazing Barrier Reef, We have also many reefs here in our
    country ( Philippines ), and you will be amazed! Thank you.
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