Ecuador Travel – Quito, Volcanoes, Galapagos Island

Located in the Andeas, Ecuador is a land of intrigue for travelers. Travel to Ecuador and you can trek the Amazon, climb volcanoes, or loaf on beautiful beaches. Perhaps the biggest reason to travel to Ecuador is a visit to the famous Galapagos. Regardless of your preference, the following attractions are all worth a look.


Quito, Equador

A hot bed of colonial architecture, Quito is the capital of Ecuador. The city is considered one of the most beautiful in South America with architecturally masterpieces of white washed buildings with red tile roofs. For those living in large cities, you will be shocked by the lack of neon in Quito.

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the climate is an eternal spring throughout the year. The Avenue of the Amazons, “Avenida Amozonas”, is a bustling area with outdoor cafes and good people watching. Ecuador has economic problems, so watch out for pickpocket thieves.

Avenue of the Volcanoes

South of Quito, the Avenue of the Volcanoes is a must see. Running down each side of the valley are mountain peaks dotted with dormant volcanoes. Small villages throughout the valley give the area an old world vibe.

Galapagos Islands


Darwin and. Galapagos Islands and Darwin. The two are inseparable. Roughly 600 miles off the mainland, the Galapagos consist of 13 islands with exotic wildlife. You can reach the islands by flying into San Cristobal or take a boat ride to the major islands such as Isabela. At last check, entrance to the islands required a $100 permit.

San Lorenzo Railway

Bus Train

If you’re looking for a new experience, try a ride from San Lorenzo Railway to Ibarra. The trip runs through picturesque scenery, but it the train that is most interesting. The train is actually a bus converted for the tracks! Only in Ecuador!

Ecuador has much to offer travelers looking for something off the beaten path. While the Galapagos Islands are amazing, the rest of the country has much to offer.

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