EcoZip Adventure

Hristina Serafimovski

Hristina is a media enthusiast and beauty/hair junkie. She watches way too many Art House films and has great (expensive) taste in wine.

Fancy a new adventure? Have an afternoon up your sleeve? Then head on down to the Ferry terminal and catch a ride to Waiheke for an experience that is sure to exhilarate and entertain!


From the moment we arrived (late) to Waiheke, we were looked after by the awesome team from EcoZip. Ringo waited for us patiently and took us on a tiki tour around the island, pointing out some gorgeous beaches that I didn’t even know existed. Basically, the guy made us fall in love with the island and we had a lot of laughs on the way.


When we got to the EcoZip facility, it really struck me how clean and new everything was – not surprising considering they’ve only been around since November last year. We were ushered through with a small group and run through the safety training. The harnesses were snug but comfortable. Men were encouraged to ensure their “furniture” was arranged correctly to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

The ecozips run in tandem, so you’re set off in pairs. We tried to race each other but this doesn’t work when your partner is nearly twice your body weight – read: they go faster! This was ok on the first zipline, but as the slopes got steeper, the distance grew quite noticeably.

The first zipline ran over a baby vineyard and eased you into the experience. It wasn’t too fast or too steep but it was good to get a feeling for what you were getting in for. After our whole group got through the first line, we walked down to the second zip. This was nestled further in the bush and was quite a noticeable bit steeper than the first line. This one also went a lot faster – and the views were pretty awesome.

Now the third zipline… this one was pretty spectacular. We were flying over tree tops at close to 50km/h. The views were beautiful and this one really got our hearts racing!

We decided not to wait for the rest of our group to finish their turns, and walked the 1.5km’s back to base through the bush. The walk was not hard, but I would suggest a drink bottle if you’re attempting it on a hot day like we did. We managed to get back to base within 20 minutes, this should be about the time it takes a reasonably fit person walking at a reasonably comfortable pace to get there.

When we made it back to base, the guys were awesome in making recommendations for how we could spend the rest of our afternoon. We walked down to Peacock Sky down the road and had a platter and a wine tasting – the perfect way to round the day off!

It really was a fantastic day – something fun and different to do that was a little active and involved a lot of outdoor time. Dress comfortably – wear your Nikes. Bring sunscreen and a water bottle! Enjoy!

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  • Wice says
    Waihekie is a fabulous destination any time and has so many free attractions. Here's a video I found showing what a couple did during a day visit to Waiheke. There is lots more to do than this, but it's a good overview. For instance Waiheke is a real haven for the arts with Jazz and Sculpture festivals. There's a great arts centre too and lots of local people sell food and crafts made locally. I stayed on Waiheke for a week and found no problem filling my days![youtube]![/youtube]
  • Wice says
    Here's that video again... hope it embeds this time![youtube]![/youtube]
  • Wice says
    Last try - it really is worth watching[youtube]![/youtube]
  • Wice says
    Ah well, I guess you'll just have to go there yourself :-)
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