Winter Blues

This winter make sure you don’t commit S.A.D - sins against dressing – by not wearing the seasons key hue. Whether it electric and bright or dark and rich, Chelsey finds out about how this winter’s fashion is turning to the blues...

The colour blue has always been effortlessly cool in fashion, but is usually most popular during the summer months. But not this year – winter sees the hue burst through the tough economic times that inspired last year’s tones of dark, deep and nature-inspired tones. It is cheerful, uplifting, and features strongly in most designer collections from the likes of Mena, Ketz-ke, Silverdale, Sable & Minx and Doosh.
Sable & Minx uses blue throughout the winter line, with dark navy for chic and cosy merino dresses to silk garments in eclectic patterns punctuated by electric blue. Also right on trend, Doosh has given this great colour to our winter wardrobes in the form of true and sky blues in everything from dresses to knitwear. 

Silverdale goes downright nautical, using navy for those who have no love for extreme and absolute colours or as a classic black substitute for refined during the day and elegant in the evening sporty-chic allure. (Trivia time - the name ‘navy blue’ originates from a particular type of blue, very dark, used for the uniforms of the British Royal Navy since 1748 and later adopted by almost all Navies the world over. This is why navy blue is also called “bleu marine”, instantly conjuring up a picture of the sea and summer.)
For their first winter collection ever resort label Mena incorporates a range of blues into their traditionally floral patterns, while Ketz-ke features a nice ice blue sure to set you apart from the crowd.

Even makeup is having a blue crush this season, but use the numerous options available only as a highlight, so you don’t look like you’ve arrived back from the 70’s! Think of a modern twist on the classic black cat eye flick with navy eyeliner or mascara and subtly applying rich dark blue eyeshadow for a smoky sultry look straight off the runway.
There is nothing like blue for a casual but refined winter look. It’s just as chic as black but less demanding: in the day it’s always elegant, in the evening it’s instantly ladylike. It evokes  the feeling of peace, cool and calmness, so serenely saunter to the shops and discover your new winter wardrobe or it will be blue without you!

By Sarah Downs

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  • Bernadette says
    blue is my favourite colour :) so im sussed!
  • harksgal says
    Blue is an awesome colour as to me it mean winter - cool. Blue is great especially for those like myself who have blue eyes as it makes out eyes stand out. I don't have any blue clothes appart from a casual t-shirt lol so i guess my next coloured clothing i will lokk for will be blue :)
  • Laura_actually says
    I like baby blue, so dainty.
  • CEZ33 says
    I love electric blue, always will, but I still find my wardrobe is full of black. If I add colour I like to just use it as an accent, but blue is definately one of my favs, especially bright blues and also seafoam.
  • Cinty says
    Wow the blues on the models are such great shades. Love the electric :)
  • Lauren says
    Blue suits everyone I reckon! Love it!
  • KH says
    My favourite colour. Great!
  • Anna says
    i dont have anything blue =(
  • Laura_actually says
    Blue underwear would be nice.
  • Wice says
    “Imagine the colour blue”. I bet everyone reading this will see a different colour! Taking this a step further, there is a blue that suits everyone but not everyone suits every blue. There are warm blues and cool blues, muted and clear blues, rich and pale blues.

    Most of us have heard about “having your colours done”, i.e. having someone look at your skin tones, your hair and your eyes, and proclaiming you are a spring, summer, autumn or winter person and this is a very good starting point to sort out which blues will enhance you rather than make you look sick. Here is a very condensed summary which might help.

    Spring people (usually flaxen, auburn, grey, natural golden blonds, with fair, peachy or golden beige skin and pale clear eye colour) need to avoid muted and dark blues. Your blues should be vibrant and clear blues or turquoises .

    Summer people (usually natural blondes - ash or pale brunettes with pale blue/green, hazel, bright blue , green, eyes; porcelain or beige, often sallow skin , pink cheeks) look best in muted , soft blues like slate blue, greyish blues, lavender and powder blues. Intense, clear blues should be avoided as they look too harsh.

    Autumn people (usually range from golden blondes, mid to dark brunettes and those with red and black hair. Skin range is wide and may be pale, ivory, golden beige, ruddy or swarthy but all have a lot of depth to their colouring) look great in rich blues like marine and navy blue or vibrant turquoise rather than pastels or grey blues.

    Winter people (usually brunettes or with black hair, either very pale or olive skin, can be sallow looking; hazel, grey-blue, grey-green, violet, green, brown eyes) suit intense clear blues, dark navy, bright icy blue, French blue, royal blue and cobalt blue.

    I love wearing blue - my absolute favourites are either navy or icy cornflour . blue. I tend to keep my clothes for years but shoes seem to give out after a season of hard wear. So hope that I can buy navy shoes again if fashion goes this way and this has been impossible for a few years now.

    Finally, the meaning of blue: It’s the colour of inspiration and spirituality. Dark blue is used widely in business to evoke a feeling of reliability and sincerity. Blue creates a feeling of relaxation, peace and openness.

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