Spring Shoes: The latest spring shoes, heels and sandals


Boohoo Litzy All Over Stud Mid Heel Courts
RRP $60.00

EMU Lyndon in Bone
RRP $219.00

Farmers Xcesri Aubrey Sandal
RRP $79.00

EMU Rocklea in Bone
RRP $129.00

Ziera Columbia Cognac
RRP $225.00

Boohoo Rosina Cheetah Print Suedette Wedge Creeper
RRP $75.00

Ziera Jenn Bisque Black Candy
RRP $229.00

Ziera Toby Tangerine Zebra
RRP $199.00

EMU Sarina in Tan
RRP $99.00

EMU Tindal in Olive
RRP $109.00

Farmers Xcesri Emily Dress Shoe (Avail mid-Oct)
RRP $49.00

Ziera Bowie Cappuccino Poppy White
RRP $199.00

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  • Mellow says
    It's time to 'Spring into step', with this selection of footwear....
  • StillMe says
    Oooo... now I could totes give the EMU ones a try...
  • OneEyed says
    Wear a big smile and nobody notices your footwear. It's officially Spring and in couple of weeks l will miss seeing my wife strut around in her long boots. Mmmmmmm!
    • Monique Marie says
      I didn't really like the original creepers, they were not really my style but (Boohoo Rosina Cheetah Print Suedette Wedge Creeper
      RRP $75.00) these are amazing I am so in love with these shoes I am going to have to save up and get some!! Thanks Chelsey for showing them in your Spring 2012 collection :)
    • AngelEyes says
      Sorry Chelsey this range of footwear is not really me, l'll keep looking thanks
    • New Member says
      not my thing really
    • nzmonstar says
      Anything spring like gets you feeling foot loose and fancy free
    • tashawheeler says
      wow they some kool shoes, im really wanting to try the lady gaga shoes the one with no heel that would be so kool to try, don't think i could actually walk in them tho.
    • Wice says
      It looks like flatfoot or up their in the clouds!
    • fander says
      Open toes! Can't wait! At last I can throw away the "knee-his" and paint my toenails again!
    • sandybeaches says
      not really my style of shoe but I will keep looking out

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