Red Hot

Red was shown to be the colour de jour. We give you a few ideas on how to pull off the most sensual colour with aplomb…

Get the shade right

You may have noticed in the shops recently that red is popping up all over this winter. But rather than just grabbing any old hue, it is important to acknowledge how many shades of red are out there and realise that not all are for you. There is berry red, cherry red, primary red, dark red, crimson red and so on and so on, not all are suitable for this time of year and all have different effects on skin tone. If you haven’t had your colours done, get as many different hues of red as possible, try them on and get a mate to snap a photo so you can compare which looks best with your complexion.

Colour block

If you want to make a strong and bold statement with red, tone everything else down; for example, if you are wearing a little red dress don’t pair it with a bunch of red accessories. Instead opt for neutral colours or the classic and easy choice of black. If you want to add that spark of red without red clothing, incorporate red into your ensemble with a red shrug, red skirt, or red accessories like jewellery, belts, bags and shoes.

Keep it casual

In New Zealand it is acceptable to keep your winter ensembles smart casual; you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard, but still show you care to the discerning eye. A red top with dark jeans is acceptable if you wear them with heels and tasteful accessories.

Modesty becomes you

The most important thing to remember when wearing red is that it is a colour that can so easily cross the line from stylish to slutty, so choose outfits that are feminine and pretty but not too revealing. Think elegant and glamorous.


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  • BJW18 says
    If you wear Red then make sure both of your items are the same colour red. e.g. Shoes and Jacket must be the right shade of red otherwise it looks odd!
  • Joanna says
    Some people have the mentality that red brands you as a "scarlet woman," but it's a gorgeous, sexy, flattering colour, and I agree that you can pull it off well and modestly. It is very important to find the shade that suits you--I've noticed a lot of reds are either blue or yellow-based, and this can make a huge difference, especially if you have an ethnic skin colour.
  • Maria w says
    Red clothing will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd so for those times when you really want to make a statement and be different wear red :)
  • Aims11 says
    I love the colour red, and apparently men do too!e Studies show that women shown framed by or wearing red were rated significantly more attractive and sexually desirable by men than the exact same women shown with other colours.
  • vickym says
    Red is normally a colour I avoid, but the odd time I have worn it, I have received alot of compliments so thank you for this article..I will start wearing red more often..with style!
  • julzmccormick says
    I have quite a few red items in my wardrobe. I would really love to find & buy a red leather bomber jacket for winter.
  • KH says
    I'm a fan of red. I think it's a great colour in winter. Sable & Minx clothes are great too!
  • coco says
    This is my favourite colour!
  • Cinty says
    I really like the 'casual' look. Fab!
  • Anna says
    ret just natually makes you feel sexy!!!

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