Ketz-ke designer tips: how to wear pastels and florals

Ketz-ke designer tips: how to wear pastels and florals

What says summer better than delicious ice-cream shades and pretty floral prints? A trend that epitomises the season of sun, florals and pastels are guaranteed to make a comeback every year thanks to their distillation of easy, fun and feminine fashion.  

If you’re not convinced that floral and pastels are for you, the designing duo behind New Zealand label, Ketz-ke share some of their top tips on how to make these embodiments of fun summer fashion work for you.

Can anyone wear pastels?

Everyone can wear pastels but your skin tone and eyes can help determine which pastel hue is the best for you. Seafoam green and light blue are for anyone with green or blue eyes, lilac and rosy pink will always look good on girls with warmer complexions and for those with dark hair and brown eyes go for sky blue and lavenders.

Can you wear pastels and floral together?

This combination looks fantastic together. Just pick out a colour from the floral print that is close to a pastel shade and use this to team together

What accessories would you recommend when wearing florals or pastels?

Pastels and florals look gorgeous teamed with metallic coloured accessories. Silver shoes are always a winner with a pastel dress. Grey and cream accessories work well with prints as these are very non conflicting colours.

Are there any occasions where you should avoid wearing florals and pastels?

Toss all the old rules of what colours to wear and when - pretty pastels and florals provide a much needed pick me up and can be worn on any occasion - don't conform - create your own style and never be afraid to look different from the crowd!!!

How can one wear floral without being too "bloomy"? 
Smaller floral prints are the easiest to wear, whether you are wearing a floral top, skirt or pant. Team florals back with neutrals and pastels to keep your look fresh and more alive, rather than always choosing black which can sometimes lose the effect of the soft summer look.

Can anyone wear floral prints? 
This summer season especially is the time to be wearing florals and yes they are for everyone. If you are the daring fashion wearer, more than one floral can be worn at once, as long as the florals are kept small and there is a neutral colour to team florals together with.

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  • Starlite5 says
    I used to think wearing pastels and floral textures would make you look dowdy but the combinations in these pictures looks really fresh and vibrant. Actually looks really good.
  • Rosie says
    I guess it was 20 years ago that florals were last in & it's time for them to be back in? I can still remember the last time & all the faux pas I made that time & that's all I can think of when I see florals especially.
  • Anna says
    yer ive never really found any pastel things i like.. but your right these photos do look quite nice...
  • Dee-Dee says
    I always tried to stay clear of wearing pastels and florals unless I layer them so you can only see a bit but after looking at those combinations I might have to re think that one.....they have given me some
    • Anna says
      i guess it all depends what we find in the store though haha i always see ideas i like but cant find the right things to pull off the look!!
    • Rosie says
      It is always different when you look in the shop, isn't it?

      I don't like to ever say Never, cause sometimes it just works.
    • KH says
      I don't think many pastels suit me and I actually don't think I have a single floral piece in my wardrobe!
      • Anna says
        the shops are full of them though atm!! i dont think i have any either.. but i tried shopping a little while ago and all i could find was floral... sadly walked away with nothing!!!
      • Wice says
        I don't think I'll ever feel right wearing florals. To me they always say 'old ladies'. Like DeeD, the only time I might wear them is where they just peek out as a small feature. Same goes for pastels. As a 'winter' colouring person, apart from soft blues, I need to wear them with a vibrant or dark coloiur or my skin looks sallow and I look ill!
        • Anna says
          old larger ladies is what floral remind me of....
        • Wice says
          ... especially lilac and purple flowers!

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