Footballers Have Bad Hair Days Too

Footballers are the modern day trend setters for youth culture. We have all heard of the ‘Beckham cut’ made famous by, you guessed it, David Beckham. A premier league footballer can make or break a fashion trend in just one game.

We look back over the most iconic and memorable hairstyles of well-known football players in the light of the Euro 2016, choosing our top 8 to count down.

10. Ronaldo

At number ten is Ronaldo’s half-moon tuft of hair. The style is one of a kind with a shaven head and a remaining fringe of back hair. We can forgive Ronaldo for this however, as he decided on the style to help his son distinguish him from Roberto Carlos when watching him play football on TV.


9. Stephan El Shaarawy

Stephan, the Italian stallion, is just 23 years old and has already made the top ten worst haircuts in our football list. Lucky for Stephan his appalling hair has not stopped him being sponsored by the likes of Nike. 

8. Raheem Sterling

Raheem is well known for his contradicting haircuts. The top says girly, hot iron curls while the sides say gangster rapper fade. It appears that a fade, a perm and some Craig David style sideburns are all in play here. As they say in Manchester it needs to get ‘fettled’.

7. Chris Waddle

In the late 1980’s Waddle made headlines not just for his football but for his comical mullet. Surprisingly the mullet hairstyle originated in the 1970’s on the French underground dance scene where it was known as ‘Mollet’ before losing its fashionista status rapidly in England in the 80’s.

6. Nathan Rutjes

Nathan is a Dutch footballer and is another striking example of a bad ‘mollet’. Rutjes has been playing professionally since 2005, that’s a whole 20 years after the mullet was first spotted in Chris Waddle.

5. Gervinho

Back in 2007 Gervinho had a full head of curly hair. Now he hides his receding hair line under a bandanna, apart from the times when he attempts a comb ‘forward’.


4. Carlos Valderamma

Carlos is an ex-Colombian international midfielder and unlike many other football players his hairstyle has remained with him throughout his career. To this day Carlos still sports what is known as the ‘shake & go’ look of a huge blonde afro.

3. Bobby Charlton

Bobby Charlton is a highly regarded ex professional player who was essential to England’s win in the 1966 World Cup. Like many other footballers, notably Wayne Rooney, Charlton began losing his locks early in his career and back then the only option was a comb over… oh dear.

2. Abel Xavier

Abel is the head coach of the Mozambique national team. He regularly dyes his mop bleach blonde and styles it as creatively as possible. He even goes as far as to match his facial hair with peroxide.

1. Taribo West

Taribo is a Nigerian pro footballer but he is best known for his hairstyles, which says it all really.

West was plagued with controversy over his age during his career as it was reported he was actually seven years older than UEFA thought. Maybe the hairstyles were a ploy to distract from his ageing features or his football skills.

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  • RobertGilliland says
    That's the nice haircuts ahahah. This is so hilarious so I have to share it with if you don't mind. Thank you very much!
  • New Member says
    I can still remember the Preseason football picks when I almost lost to my brother. They're still legendary despite the haircut though.[youtube]n/a[/youtube]
  • New Member says
    These are some of the examples of how footballers have tried to stand out. They probably had to order hair systems online because of how bad their hair looks. I am never sure about the authenticity of hair products.

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