Tips for curly hair with Ouidad

Ouidad (pronounced 'we-dad') is undeniably the 'Queen of Curls'. She was the first stylist in the USA to open a 'curls-only' salon. Combining scientific knowledge with her own understanding of curls, she is a trusted expert in fashion and beauty magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Shape. She has similarly appeared in a range of TV shows such as the Today Show and CNN. Ouidad started her career as a student styling hair for top designers, Broadway productions and advertising agencies in New York. Her cutting technique "Carving and Slicing" is now synonymous with her name in the industry. Ouidad has her own range which she actively helps to formulate; she even took classes in chemistry to create the perfect curl-friendly product. Her products contain proteins and vitamins to help define and manage curls.

Do you have any suggestions for a quick solution for my unruly curls?

 “Besides using deep treatment every two weeks to keep the curls hydrated and controlled, you can use a slight softener to control the curls.”  

What product should I use to keep my curly hair controlled?

“A conditioner and a styling product together will help control your curls.” 

How can I stop my curls from ‘poofing’ in the hot weather?

“By getting a good trim and hydrating your curls on regular basis- deep treatment every two weeks.”

What can I do to make my curls looks more uniform?

“You can get them softened (like a gentle relaxer not to take the curls out) and keep doing deep treatments.”  

What kind of hairstyle is best for naturally curly hair?

“A free flowing style where you can allow your curls to be free and cut so the curls can puzzle into each other.”


“I want every single curly-haired girl and woman in the world to embrace their curls and stop living in denial about their hair type. What I co-created with Sunsilk, will empower women to experience their own perfect curls; just waiting to be discovered. My hope is to encourage more girls to finally feel confident about their curls."  Pearls of wisdom:

"To get the most out of our curls, there are three crucial things we girls need to get into our heads and our hair; moisturized curls allowing for healthy shine, minimizing frizz allowing for curl definition; and keeping a lid on volume allowing for long-lasting "curl control". Getting all this in one product is exactly what I'm working on with Sunsilk; it'll really be the elixir of life for curly hair."  

"Curly hair has a body language of its own. It bounces, it speaks; it's alive!"

"There are so many misconceptions about curly hair. People believe that it's coarse and tough, that it needs beating into submission. In fact, 90% of curly hair is baby-fine; there is just a lot of it! You need to work with the curl-feed and nurture it with good products, such as the Defined Curls product range I co-created with Sunsilk"


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  • Wice says
    I've always admired curly and wavy hair both on men and women and face it, only young, slim women look really good with flat straight hair. The rest of us need either a really good cut to give our hair body or it looks a bit like a scarecrow or an old witch!

    When I think of curl, I don't think of frizz at all. I think of Boticelli's Aphrodite with her beautiful flowing waves. I have never straightened my hair but I do you a curling tong and also hot rollers on occasion. I always feel more feminine with a wave in my hair and it definitely softens my face.
  • flowery3 says
    Lovely picture there Wice! I love Boticelli women, as they have curves, and look beautiful - reminding us we dont all need to aim to be stick thin!
    • bike says
      I appreciate what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back however I would expect by every one of the remarks this is working for you too. Logo Fidget Spinners
    • Anna says
      i dont get the curl... i only get the frizz... i tend to call it boof.... and exagerate it with my hands =)
    • Laura_actually says
      Sunsilk products smell lovely, but I wonder if they leave your hair looking good too?
    • Anna says
      i use sunsilk... and i do find the weather frizz one and straight one work kinda well.... but not amazinly
    • KH says
      I'm a fan of curls and waves. My hair doesn't seem to be. It doesn't hold them even with products to try to convince them to stay.
    • Bernadette says
      My hair is naturally curly and I use to hate it. I have learn t to embrace it and I actually don't mind it. They are sort of lose ringlets and I am amazed at how many of my friends want my hair?!! Since I am mostly always straightening my hair everyone thinks this is my natural hair and when I leave it natural and curly I get compliments asking how I curled it!!!

      Thanks for the tips for curly hair! Sometimes I do find it hard to maintain my hair - it can get a bit on the frizz side 'boof' as Anna calls it :p. It especially goes hay wire in this crazy weather we are having at the moment!

      My hair is a little bit less defined than the picture below...I would love to get more defined curls!! :) But it is sorta like that :)

      • Anna says
        im jelous if you hair looks anything like that too!!! i want... haha but as they say... you always want what you dont have!!
        • KH says
          I'm with Anna! I'd love hair like that!
          • Bernadette says
            agree with you anna 'want what you can't have' thats why i straighten by hair a lot of the time!!!! ... i'm start to not mind my curls so much anymore though :)
          • Wice says
            I never want straight hair either. My hair used to hold curls really well but don't know what's happened - it's useless now. I suspect that dying it may have something to do with it though - may change the hair structure? Hubbie used to have gorgeous curly hair - felt fantastic, like springy ocean waves - but somewhere , somehow. it has become straight and is starting to recede - poor man - poor me!
          • Starlite5 says
            I was so skeptical when I first bought this Sunsilk Shampoo but ater trying a whole heap of other products I thought why not and since Countdown was having a special that really clinched the deal and after a few washes my hair started to behave so I'm going to keep buying this product it's not too bad. Like everyone else I used to long to have straight hair like my mother instead of inheriting my father's curly hair but now that I'm older and wiser, dang! I'm so glad I have hair with such versatility - thanks Dad!
          • Rosie says
            Wow, I never thought Sunsilk would be good enough. Thanks for a real-life non-endorsed recommendation, Starlite5

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