Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion Review

This lotion smells great, and offers a little sun protection too, at SPF 15. I wore it on a sunny day and didn't get burnt - always a good sign! However, I also wore it on a day that poured, and when I was outside I got saturated. Even though I'd applied the lotion hours before, my skin felt slimy once I was soaked, and I could feel the lotion rubbing off. It might not say water resistant, but I didn't expect it to literally run down my arms and legs in the rain. Needless to say, it left me uncomfortable. So, if you are going to wear Vaseline's total moisure daily lotion, make sure there's no chance of rain!

One of the major causes of dry skin for New Zealand women is UVA damage from incidental sun exposure and, unfortunately, it takes less time than most people think for this damage to occur. Vaseline Aloe Fresh Lotion with SPF 15 is a light quick absorbing body lotion enriched with moisturising Aloe Vera, blocking more than 93% of UVA & UVB yet leaving skin silky smooth and hydrated. Available in leading supermarkets nationwide: 200mL RRP $9.09, 375mL RRP $15.32

Reviewed by JJ McConnachie

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  • Raven says
    This is such a great idea having an SPF in a body lotion. It is so easy to overlook sun-blocking your arms and legs if you are 'only' doing some shopping or having lunch in the sun.
  • felix says
    Haha, thanks for the tip, the weather at the moment seems to be three seasons in one day! Good on Vaseline though - hopefully SPF will become a standard part of all moisturisers.
  • Naomi says
    Aloe Vera is the best medicine and it's a natural product so it doesn't have any harsh chemicals :)
  • djavkal says
    Vaseline has always been a trusted brand by many generations until now... and having an Aloe Vera in their brand name, makes their products more interesting and trusting... Cheers!
  • jea525 says
    I really liked this brand until to my dismay I discovered that they test on animals :(, I wish they would stop so I can start using them again, oh how handy vaseline is!
  • ibnita says
    Vaseline is a brilliant product, and with Aloe Vera added it makes it even better. I love products that go on and stay on. With NZ's unpredictable weather you need to know that it will last.
  • New Member says
    l purchased this and found it amazing not greasy at all.Great product!!
  • jazz says
    I will look out for this - like the SPF being in it.
  • Erin Cooper says
    I buy everything Aloe.. I even have aloe plants
    I have yet to buy this product and guess whats now on my shopping list.
  • Georgina28 says
    I love this lotion! I have very sensitive skin, but this is great and does not irritate at all =)

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