Clairol Scalp Vital Booster Range

Scalp Vital Booster Shampoo

You want volume? You have it my friends. If you have read any of the latest treads coming through the hair world, big is better and this product not only adds volume but it will leave your hair shinny and salon ready to take on any occasion. I often find some volume shampoos too heavy for my hair leaving it feeling unwashed with left over product, I find this is best applied by really massagarged into the scalp. This left my hair feeling clean and my scalp refreshed in preparation for the Vital Booster Serum.


Clairol Professional Scalp Vital Booster Serum

Step two of this volume boosting exercise is the serum, this prevents against hair loss from breakage. This is a deep nourashing formula that stimulates the scalp and surports hair growth. This is best used three times a week, and if you are anything like me and use a lot of heat appliances on your hair this is brilliant. Key ingredients in the formula include jojoba oil, caffeine and menthol. I used one tube over a week which gave me three applications. Apply it to damp hair and massage gently into the scalp, and do not rinse. You will really notice the difference after just week, but for heightened results use this for up to 3 months.


Reviewed by Jane Simich

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  • Micky05 says
    I could do with some volume in my hair- perfect
  • jewellnz says
    i have been trying for about five years to find the perfect hair products for my type hair, i have a sensitive scalp and i also need some volume as my hair as thinned some with age, this looks an interesting product that i would indeed be keen to try out, and see the results, lets hope it is everything it says it is, fingers crossed.
  • lr says
    I have 'big' hair but do find that it's lacking a bit of boost at the scalp. This sounds like a great find. Especially as it doesn't weigh the hair down. Will be keeping an eye out for it. Thanks :O)
  • Moz za says
    Fab...sounds like some real advances in hair technology here! I've used products for some lift at the roots before but they've always left my hair feeling greasy and looking the same soon after. And wow...the caffeine in the serum - it would be nice for that to work like osmosis and provide me with a bit of extra zing! Would be very keen to try these products out, a good review.
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