How to give thin hair volume

My thin hair sits flat, and looks boring, no matter what I try to do with it. How can I give it some oomph?
Having fine hair can be a challenge to style every day. Investing in the right products, cut and styling tools can work wonders to add volume, thickness and body to thin hair.

Ranges like NIOXIN have key ingredients like Bio AMP proteins add thickness from inside the cuticle to amplify hair texture and volume. The result is a healthier, fuller head of hair, with more body and bounce.

Are bob hairstyles a good idea when you have thin hair?
Although it very much depends on the shape of the face and person, a bob hairstyle can be great for those with fine hair to create the illusion of more body and fullness. Requesting light layers in the bob can help to frame the face and add greater texture and volume around the crown.

Is it possible to have funky braids with thin hair? I’m worried they will look limp.

It’s probably best to avoid smaller, intricate braids as these can cause added stress on fine hair and lead to breakage. However a classic French braid works well for thin hair, and I would recommend starting lower down on the back of your head to help make it appear less limp. Hair clip-ins can also be a great way of adding thickness to the bulk of your plait.

What is the difference between thin hair & fine hair?

This is a tricky one, as many people (even in the industry) regard these as the same thing. However, for those that split the two, here are the basic differences:

1. Fine hair relates to size of each individual hair cuticle, with the diameter being smaller in size than average

2. Whereas, thin hair refers to the actual amount of individual hair strands on one persons head – and being thin, means there are less strands on the scalp of that person compared to normal hair.

What hairstyle would you recommend for thin hair?

It is actually quite hard for people with thin hair to find a style that does not require a lot of work each day. As a starting point it’s important to start with the right base, for example an advanced hair thickening system that adds greater fullness and body.
When opting for a cut I would suggest layers as a great option to provide the appearance of volume and layering in balance with the length of your hair will also offer the illusion of increased fullness.
For styling tools, investing in volumising stylers such as hot rollers and curlers are great tools for adding instant volume and glamour to any look.

NIOXIN Stylist – Narelle Rosato gives Chelsey some tips on how to manage thin hair. She recommends the NIOXIN range to help with thin hair, because it reduces the occurrence of hair loss and breakage.

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  • Wice says
    There are some really good hair thickening products available now - ones that don't build up and add weight. I swap between Volume L'Oreal and a Sunsilk shampoos and conditioners. Love them both. Humidity also does marvels for my hair (remember Monica in "Friends')!
  • robyn says
    A good hair cut gives fine hair more volume.
  • samala says
    My daughter has very fine hair and Im always at a loss as to how to style it, Im just letting it grow at the moment though, let her have long pigtails! :-)
  • witchypoo says
    I look like I have a lot of hair but in reality its very thin - you just have to see it wet to realise! Insanely jealous of my daughter whos ponytail is as thick as my wrist, mine would barely be as thick as my finger.....
  • Claire1971 says
    I have terribly thin hair, which I colour too. I feel I have very few options but to style it short, and envy those with long luscious locks. I will definitely give some thought to trying the NIXION range.
  • Dreamingofacruise says
    I not only have fine hair, but now thinning hair as I have gone through the menopause. Though I look like I have a reasonable amount of hair, this is because of the type of cut I get from my lovely hairdresser. She uses a technique like razor cutting. I get my hair coloured and that seems to thicken it and I also use John Frieda products. Tried all sorts of hair thickening products and I keep going back to John Frieda. My hairdresser has recommended Nixion. Hope that helps like minded people.
  • Adam Raynes says
    I have naturally limp hair, this has given me some great ideas, if i ever felt the need to boost my volume :)
  • Kate says
    That schwarzkopf thickening powder is meant to be really good
  • Andypandy says
    Learn to love your hair. If you can't do much with it work with hair assesories and hats.
  • What's Normal says
    My best friend who also has the dilemma of owning very fine hair, tried nearly every product & hairstyle on the market.
    Some worked & some really didn't, but she has found the perfect solution, she now buys wigs.
    I know, I thought ooh too when she first told me, but when I saw her in them I was blown away.
    They were so lifelike, made from real hair by the people who create them for cancer sufferers.
    The best thing, she can choose her hairstyle to match her occasion & really does look stunning in them, not to mention what it has done for her confidence.

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