How to apply eyeliner

Evana Patterson has lived and breathed make-up for over ten years. She has travelled and worked as a make-up artist in Hong Kong and Japan and currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand. Evana recently won a nationwide search to be New Zealand’s Max Factor Make-up Artist. When asked what the best thing is about being a make-up artist, Evana says “It’s a job that’s not really a job! Knowing you have made women feel great about themselves is rewarding”.

Finding a good product is your first step – you want a liner that is not too soft that it breaks and ends up sliding half way through the day but not to hard that it pulls your skin and doesn’t give enough colour.

Ensure your pencil is sharpened with a fine point on the tip, to give a thinner line.

Start with your under eye – I like to line about one third of the way underneath the lower rim for day look but for a smoky night look I line the inside rim (waterline) right the way across. I then wing the liner out slightly on the outside corner to accentuate the eye.

To get a nice smooth line of the top lid, gently drag the skin at the outside corner of your eye upwards, this will pull the eyelid tight. Start on the inner corner, following the lash line as closely as possible. It may even help to draw directly on the lash line as to get a thinner line. Continue out to the outer corner of the eyelid and extend out slightly to match the lower extension.

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  • Wice says
    I always struggle with eyeliner. I think I must have tried every sort that's ever been made - pencils, liquids, gels.. I've found the best for me is using a gel to line under my eye. I apply the gel with the smooth, fine, rounded wooden end of a blusher brush (it's a bit like a blunt pencil end). This works really well - much better than any liner brush I have ever bought.

    I often don' use liner on my upper lid, just powdered eyeshadow and mascara on the lashes. However, when I apply the mascara, I hold the wand really close to the lash roots and revolve the brush several times before drawing it through to the ends of the lashes.. This thickens the lashes at the base and the mascara also fills in the tiny skin gaps between where my my lashes groww, creating a more solid, defned line across the roots.
  • Sam says
    Thanks for the tips. I'm useless at applying my eyeliner and never seem to get an even line. I will now try out your tips.
  • cindy says
    I have always had difficulty with applying eyeliner correctly and it's amazing what you can actually do with it these days, I used to just apply to the lower part of my eye but now you can do all sorts of amazing designs and flicks, I just had to find the right eyeliner to do it.
  • ClaireElizabeth says
    I think todays products have improved so much that it is much easier to apply and stays on better than it used to. I got sick of wearing eye makeup because it used to irritate my eyes and make them itchy or would smear and smudge at the slighest bit of activity. But I have started wearing eyeliner again as it really does improve the shape of my eyes.
  • Foreverme says
    I do love pencil eyeliners a steady hand and careful application always works for me.
    But after discovering Maybelline liquid eyeliner I am hooked.It really gives a more defined look.
  • ibnita says
    I find keeping my mouth open helps keep my hand steady,lol!!! I ensure that my eyeshadow is well blended in to the eye liner so that if its not on straight it is not too noticeable, i would go without, but as i have rather smallish eyes i need it to open them.
  • Cheri says
    Yay thanks heaps for this.... Im fine with eyeliner on my under eye but not so much on the top of my eye ~ maybe i just neet practice!
  • travelnaughtie says
    How funny.. worn eyeliner for years (just a few ;) ) and never knew to start under the eye... oops!! thanks for the tips
  • Kylee says
    great tips i usually have trouble applying eyeliner to my upper lid would help if it was sharp enough and pull skin tight thanks
  • harksgal says
    I always do my eyes up, i do mostly what Evana says to do but instead of dragging the skin at the outside corner of your eye upwards to apply eyeliner i gently pull my lashes out slightly. I get an awesome line this way. But i am getting eyelash extensions on wednesday and i don't think i'll be able to do this anymore so i'm glad i read these tips because i will now try this way so i don't pull my extensions off. I think that the bigger and longer eyelashes the better as all the celebs are wearing them like that. Mine lashes are quite long anyway but thought id give it a go seeing as my local beauty salon has a special going at the moment and of course its my birthday this month.

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