The Pursuit of Happiness

Hannah Gaisford

I am a 24 year old working in Marketing. Passionate about enjoying life and getting the most out of it.  I run a small business giving coaching and spiritual advice.

What am I learning?  I am learning about positivity. I am learning that how we go about our day and what we get from it is choice.  Every opportunity you are presented with throughout your day offers you a choice of how to deal with it.  You can deal with it negatively or positively. You can look at it from the place of a victim or from the place of someone who sees it as an opportunity to learn or to grow. 

Training your mind to think positively is like training a muscle.  It takes effort! You have to be really committed to wanting this to be a part of your life.  I also identify with how trying this during winter can be especially hard, when the sun is not out and we hibernate indoors more and have more time alone with our thoughts.  But just like practising to learn the piano the more you practice the more you are able to play without such concentrated effort.  It is the same when it comes to positive thought.

One of the easiest ways we fall into a pattern of negative thinking is when we have fixed expectations of outcomes and we feel a need for control of the exact way that things play out in our lives.  The moment that we start to loosen this control the faster the magic can happen.  For example:  Let’s say you are trying to buy a home in a certain suburb, or you even have your eye fixed on a particular house.  The sale falls through or the prices are too high in that area.  You could very easily start to feel very negative about your situation because you hadn’t been able to get exactly what it was that you wanted.  However, if you open up your mind set and broadened your perspective you would find that by shifting your focus another solution would be even better for you in the long term.

I love that there are always those little signs there to remind me to shift my focus and be grateful for the smaller things in life.  At the end of the day attitude is a choice, we can choose to look at things positively or negatively.  I’ve been in personal states before where I haven’t been particularly positive.  Being a victim can become addictive.  It can be easy to dump on people inside your support network and talk about your lows and things that are affecting you in negative ways.  However, I find when I talk about my joys the positive energy bounces around and things feel so much better and people enjoy my company so much more and I enjoy theirs.  It is not anybody elses responsibility to consistently be there to make you feel better when lifes’ knocks hit you.  You must be able to do this for yourself and accept help when people offer but never rely solely on other people.  True strength comes from personal nurturing and kindness towards the self

I remember back in high school spending the day with a girlfriend.  I was in a particularly happy mood and my friend sent me a message the next day and said that my mood must’ve been contagious because just being in my presence made her feel so much better.  We are not here living in this human experience to take things so seriously.  Sometimes you just have to have a laugh or learn that you don’t have to carry around all the pain with you like it’s your cross to indefinitely bear.  Energy is a transferable thing that is there to be released.  Especially if it is dragging you down.  All you have to do is let it go.  Just because we shift our focus to more positive things does not mean that the hard or negative things in life are no longer important to us.   I think most of us can feel indebted to our guilt, sadness or adulthood!  Can you remember what it was like to be a child?  To feel free of responsibility and worry, to play and to laugh wholeheartedly for more than a few seconds without snapping back into reality.

All of this may sound far fetched.  It’s a practice and an intended action pattern that I am asking for.  Most people put it in the too hard basket because it requires more effort than negativity and apathy.  But just as the law of attraction teaches us….like attracts like.  The more positive you are the more positivity you will attract into your life.  Believe in magic, believe that good things will come to you.  No one on the planet is any less entitled to happiness or fulfilment than any other person. 

So pick up your smile, perhaps even paint your face, put your glad rags on and get out there and be joyful.  Even if you don’t feel like smiling, because some days you won’t. Do it anyway! Be the actress in the staring role of a movie where contentment is key and learn to look and appreciate the little things because they are the ones that truly make all the difference as we go along. 

Love and Light

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