The Art of Mind Power: with International Speaker & Mind Power Coach, Robin Banks

When is the right time in your life to consider becoming a student of Mind Power?

We’ve all heard the saying that we use less than 10% of our brain and yet most people just accept that as if there’s nothing we can do to change that. The Mind can be trained and disciplined and devleoped and this can start at a very young age. Parents have a huge part to play in the way they speak to their children and the books, songs and movies we feed their minds. The 4 week Mind Power course however requires a more developed consciousness and is ideal for people 15 years and older. The younger the better, however there is no limit, Now is the time!

What transformations can graduates from Mind Power expect to see in their lives?

 By awakening the powers of the mind, every aspect of your life will be transfomed, as you change your state of cosciousness you change the circumstances and situations you attract into your life. The world is plastic and pliable and can be molded and shaped according to our desires when we have a disciplined and developed mind. Your health, wealth, relationships and vocation will all be effected by hightened state of consciousness.

What examples can you share with us today of real life transformations you’ve seen in your graduates?

By far the most rewarding thing is to see and experience the shifts and changes in peoples lives. The most common stories are of success in business, many people attract financial abundance and it’s probably the biggest drawcard for most people to the programme. However the most inspiring stories are the people who heal themselves from a life threatening illness, failed marriages which are transformed, pregnancies for supposedly infertile woman, spiritaul awakenings. The beauty of it all is there is no limit to the change and you alone get to decide what you wish to use your mind for. Mind Power is a system which anybody can use to bring about the desired changes in their lives.

How would someone realise that Mind Power is working for them? What can people expect to start observing in their lives?

By consciously choosing yor thoughts on a daily basis using Mind Power techniques, you are controlling and directing your life. Seeming coincidences will start happening, you meet people who have the answers to the questions you’ve been pondering, in essnce you find what you’ve been looking for. These are all signs that you’re in the flow and that you are attracting the circumstances, the people, the places, the events that are in alignment with your thoughts.

How is Mind Power different from other personal development practises such as Positive thinking popularised by the book and movie “The Secret”?

The “Secret” has been a great awakener for many people on the planet and is a fantastic intorduction to Mind Power. However Mind Power is much more than postive thinking, Mind Power is a practice and a discipline made up of techniques and exercises designed to bring about change and most importantly produce results.

How often would you recommend that individuals practice Mind Power? Is it enough to just attend your seminars?

Attending my seminars will provide you with incredible insight and awarenss on the power of the mind, however “Knowledge is not Power, it is Potential Power, Applied Knowledge is Power”. It is essential to take action and practice the techniques. Controlling and discipling the mind takes work, it takes effort, it takes consistency. But the rewards are so worth it, personal power, success, abundance, the ability to control and direct the circumstances of your life. Ideally Mind Power is to be practiced daily until it becomes a habit and a way of being.

What is one MP technique that everyone can start putting into practice today, that will get them seeing a positive change in their lives?

Without a doubt the simplest most powerful and easiest technique is affirmations. Most people are aware of affrimations but very few of us actually take the time to use them. An affirmation is a “Short, Rhythmic, Positive statement” which you repeat to yourself over and over again in order to influence and direct the mind. These can be said out loud with passion and feeling in order to create the vibration of what it is you are wishing to attract, “I am Tremendously Successful”, “I am Brilliant, I am Bright, I’m a Radaint being of light”. The key is to do it daily whether you feel like it or not until you’ve produced the desired outcome.

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