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Hristina Serafimovski

Hristina is a media enthusiast and beauty/hair junkie. She watches way too many Art House films and has great (expensive) taste in wine.

When the opportunity came up to experience the Life Code Matrix program, I was really curious but somewhat skeptical. I knew nothing about what I was getting myself into, but any opportunity to get inside my own head and do some maintenance can’t be a bad thing. So I went into this with a very open mind and no expectations.


One gorgeous Saturday morning I went to meet with Cilla Sturt and start this process. Surprisingly, I wasn’t nervous or at all apprehensive. Cilla met me as I got out of my car and I instantly felt at ease and calm in the presence of this quirky, tiny, woman who welcomed me into her work space. 

Cilla and I got to know each other over the new few Saturdays and many cups of coffee. Her overwhelming plethora of experience – ranging from counseling to Marketing Director for a leading Australasian healthcare company - are all intertwined with a curiosity for life that’s far from the ordinary. This experience forms the background to this woman’s amazing story and is the basis for why she created the Life Code Matrix.

Every person will experience the Life Code Matrix a little differently, simply because we are all looking for different things in this life. The primary objective however, is to understand and develop who you really are in order to create an unshakable foundation of you that will guide you through your every day life and encourage a more authentic and enjoyable existence. 

Cilla asked me to prepare for our first session by thinking about a few things that I love to do. I penned a short list in response to her questions and we then spent hours talking over my answers until we uncovered why each of my chosen things was so important to me. Through this process of questioning, thinking and talking, we discovered 6 core words that made up my fundamental “me” and expressed my innate being in a concise but detailed way. Cilla guided me through this process gently but knowingly – making sure that I really questioned every answer and really exhausted every thought and trail that connected my thinking to these things.

After our first session, we had a fair understanding of who I fundamentally was, and my task for that week between our sessions was to see how these words played out in my day to day to life. It was during this time that I was able to really challenge the ideas that we had discussed to see how they sat with me in real time. And I was honestly truly surprised at the correlation between the core words and my every day life. Everything from how I dressed to how I ate, how I dealt with people and even how I spoke in some way came down to a concept that we had discussed about my fundamental “me-ness”. This blew my mind a little bit because every action I took suddenly wasn’t a random reaction to the world, but a response from my very inner being.  And I noticed that every time I got stressed or upset, it was specifically because I was responding to life in a way that was contrary to who I really was. That cognitive dissonance was what caused most of my day to day issues – and I had no idea that I was even experiencing this dissonance until I started to developed this understanding of who I am.

In our second session, Cilla talked me through how to bring myself back to my authentic being when things got out of kilter. Specific and simple techniques directly in response to the parts of me that were out of balance – this is of course going to be different for everyone, but for me it was simply a matter of sitting down and making connections between stress, my being and how to get back to “me”.  It was quite a profound learning curve to see how simple the connections between being and authenticity (or lack there of) and stress actually are. This was one of the most helpful conversations I’ve ever had – it taught me that we really are responsible for our own selves. Not just our sanity, but also our stress.

In our third and final working session, we discussed different ways to approach life with this newfound knowledge. Working from the perspective of a metaphor that I had to find for myself, we spoke about specific stressors and how to overcome them using this new understanding of myself. Cilla explained how to move with these changes and how to adapt the Life Code Matrix techniques to deal with these changes.  We discussed how this foundation of me is something to develop, strengthen and rely on. When the world is going crazy, you can be sure to rely on one thing – yourself.

All in all, the only way I can describe this experience is that it was truly profound. It is a very workable and a very honest approach to figuring out who you really are, what your unique “You-ness” is and how to keep true to this every day. It simplified a lot of things for me, and has changed the way I look at problems and stressors in my life  - rather than irks that make my life more difficult, these things are now challenges to be better, be stronger and be more authentic. Every experience and opportunity in life is now exactly that – an experience worth having and an opportunity worth taking. 

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this experience to anyone. I think we can all benefit from learning a little more about ourselves, if only to figure out how to enjoy this life a little bit more.

Cilla is currently taking on new clients, feel free to get in touch to find out more about the programe:

0800BETRUE 0800 238 783 or

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