Interview: Kat Dawes

Ksenia Khor

Ksenia is a communications student, avid traveller, and book lover. She is passionate about art, fashion, theatre, spirituality and well-being.

Kat Dawes is the creator of the global transformational movement called NOWism, and shares her testimony of using NOWism techniques to implement and experience massive personal transformation.

First of all, thank you for speaking to us today!

You are welcome. It’s good to be here.

Tell us about your background: what did you do before Nowism?

I grew up in theatre. I was a classical dancer and then I worked in commercial dancing. I did cruise boats and I was a singer, a musician, and all sorts of arty stuff. It was fun. I’ve always loved being on stage.  My mother was a dancer so I grew up in ballet school.

Now you’re promoting Nowism. Can you tell us a bit more about this movement?

Nowism is like a personal operating system that teaches you how to manifest and live your dream and your perfect life right here, right now. So instead of waiting for all conditions to be right for all your dreams to come true or for you to be happy, what I teach, if you become the right condition, you become a candidate for all those things to come to you.

How did you come up with an idea of Nowism?

I’ve studied a lot of metaphysics and spirituality, various theories and all sorts of stuff like law of attraction, quantum physics, and every religion you can think of. I’ve always had this interest in what it is about us that makes some of us successful and others not so. There’s definitely some sort of formula that causes success. So I took all the bits that I liked from all the philosophies and religions, and I was actually drawing a picture of a sitting man, and I declared that this man was practicing Nowism. It’s such a great modern version of everything that people had been learning in all the other theories. I enjoyed the idea of capturing this version.

How can we practice Nowism? What should we do?

One of the core teachings is to really notice what is already working because we tend to cast our eye out towards our desires, future and what hasn’t happened. And it’s really important to notice what is working right now. It’s a muscle to really sit in the present moment, and especially if you feel the rise of some sort of negative emotions, to really just sit and start to say: “Ok, what is working here? What am I grateful for?” – Because there’s always something. But you’ve got to generate the desire to look for it. And here’s the thing. I have this consciousness campaign that is basically a playful idea that you can offset your negative emissions. So one conscious positive thought can offset negative emissions. The idea is that when you’re having a negative moment, you deliberately decide to think of something that’s working. And as you put your focus on that, you start to amplify that idea and you’ll start noticing more things that are working. It’s like a snowball effect.

So what spiritual practices would you recommend to someone who is just starting out on a path of personal transformation?

I think that meditation is essential to a true spiritual practice. And by meditation I don’t mean that you have to go on a hill or fast. Those things are good, though, don’t get me wrong though.  I’ve done all these things. But for 9 to 5 mums and dads who are in the grand of society and who are really looking for a user-friendly thing, to sit in the mornings for 10 minutes, in a favourite chair, and to still the mind and to feel into the breath and just notice that behind all this sort of busyness, behind all the activity and stories, there’s something there and it’s an intelligence that controls everything. It makes your heart beat and makes your hair grow. But you really have to teach yourself how to see it because our culture hasn’t taught us. That is why meditation is actually important.

So you’re coming to New Zealand to speak at the Healthy Living Show. What can we expect from your seminar?

From my little segment at the Healthy Living show is going to be really entertaining. I’m going to share with my audience my story, a testimony, as to what my experience was. It was only a year and a half ago, 18 months, when I was living in a van. And within 18 months I basically had massive quantum leaps in my experience through practicing Nowism. I was given a car, published a book and I was negotiating a multi-million dollar production investment in a cartoon series that I was developing in Los-Angeles. So my point is that in through sharing stories helps solidify the teaching of Nowism and show people how to react when things are not good. This story also has a lot of fun in it, as well as lot of depth. But it’s also user-friendly, and it’s really easy for the audience to take the message and say: Ok, how does it apply to me? What can I do right here, right now?  Because there tools and techniques are really universal.

Do you have a final piece of advice for Chelsey readers?

Be easy about it; learn to celebrate your life right here, right now, because your life is a bunch of nows. It’s all happening right now and if you keep waiting for the right conditions, you will not move forwards. But if you become the right conditions, all your dreams really can come true.  

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  • summernz says
    sounds innovative and well worth exploring some more
  • Shoshannah says
    Fab. Love it. Just what us Kiwis need to hear :)
  • Rosie says
    Right now I should be studying, but instead I'm reading about what I should be doing. Right now.

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