Treadmill Vs Outdoor Running

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

When asked, most people will say they prefer walking or running outdoors to the treadmill. At a glance, the treadmill seems boring in comparison to the scenery outside. However, there are definite pros to working out on the treadmill for maximizing results and keeping your routines consistent.


Why pick the treadmill over outdoor walking/running?

- The treadmill is available for exercises regardless of the time of day. People that prefer to exercise outside at night or very early morning, have to wear reflective clothing and choose routes in safe, well-lit areas.

- The treadmill isn't dependant on good weather. Rain, snow or humidity can really slow down exercise consistency. It can also be used as an excuse to not exercise.

- Using a treadmill is surprisingly challenging because you have to "keep up" with the belt. When you walk outside, your body will go at a comfortable pace. Even if it's a fast, comfortable pace. It's our nature to go easy on ourselves. You also get to stop and take breaks at every intersection and crosswalk. With the treadmill you are constantly trying to keep the pace, without rest. It makes a huge difference. Try starting a walk on a treadmill at 3.0 MPH and slowly move up to 4.0. This is a very brisk walk that will have you sweating and shedding the pounds in no time!

- The treadmill is easier on the joints. Walking or running on concrete is incredibly hard on the body. The treadmill gives you a great cardio workout without having to take days off the heal impact strains and shin splints. If you run outside, stick to the grass as much as possible!

-The treadmill helps you avoid things like garbage day, which from experience doesn't make the air you are breathing smell great. Not to mention having to hurdle bins and garbage juice! It also helps you to avoid big construction jobs which can be dangerous, or at a minimum slow you down while you try to find a way around it.

Personally I really enjoy running and walking outside and do both activities regularly. However, I use my electric treadmill primarily for cardio in the morning. It helps me to stick to my program and get the job done, without having to leave my house. This really works for me because I don't like have having to wash my face, brush my hair and teeth and in general, not look like a zombie, in case I bump in to my neighbours.

The treadmill seems underrated. Having lost weight using one and still using one to this day, it's been an incredibly beneficial machine to get and stay fit. Just remember to put on your headphones on, to forget you are staring at a wall!

Try The Treadmill!

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  • Wice says
    I'd quite like to give a treadmill a go. Not ever having joind t a gym, I haven't tried one myself but think that I would prefer to exercise at home anyway... but where to put it? Do many people out there have their own treadmills. Maybe you could advise about size and price. Do you use it or does it generally just sit there? I'd love to hear Chelsey women's comments.
    • New Member says
      Hi, i=I've purchased a treadmill. Its great. If you are looking at getting one, make sure you get one that fits the purpose you require it for. I like running, so my tread mill is a running one, and you are looking at approx $2k. If you have an elite fitness near you, I would suggest you talk with them, they were great. Rebels Sport were hopeless
    • Starlite5 says
      I'd love to have a treadmill at home but lack the space. When I've gone to the gym it's been my favourite piece of equipment to use.
    • Wice says
      Are there different sorts of treadmills or are they all basically the same? I really know nothing about them at all.
    • julz1983 says
      I enjoy both, I find that time passes by a lot faster when I'm on the treadmill & watching my fave TV programs at the same time. I also could never do outdoor running without music playing in my ear because I tend to focus too much on my actual running & surroundings & I guess it makes me more mentally exhausted too if that makes sense.
    • Wice says
      Just wondering. I guess you would be less likely to suffer from injuries on a treadmill - although I do have a friend whose hubbie had a heart attack after exercising on one!
    • Sophia says
      Thank you for sharing the post. It's very helpful for me.
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    • CheldeWyatt says
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    • New Member says
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    • New Member says
      Honestly people prefer treadmill over running outside because its is more convenient option and it ripe equal benefits as compare to running outside .For a runner, plantar fasciitis is the most painful than sports injuries. It will make our running plan bathing but there are easy ways to treat plantar fasciitis and do not have to skip the running.
    • New Member says
      I would always suggest treadmill over outdoor running as this is my personal experience where I developed a permanent pain in some joint of my foot. The doctor said that my cuboid bone is affected and Is should better stop running on concrete surfaces as they mess up with the joints and rather choose a grassy surface or a treadmill.

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