Three Real Life Reasons to Exercise

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

First and foremost, exercise for yourself, your own well being and health. Fitness plays a vital role in all aspects of life and working out functions as more than just a way to look good.


1. Exercise for your partner

No relationship should consider exercise mandatory. Do not ever feel forced to workout for who you are with. However, it is something you should want to do for love. Being fit long after you are settled, married and content shows love and respect for who you are with. It says to the other person that you care enough about to them to live a long, dependent life. You want to be to have the energy, and self confidence for a rewarding sex life. You should also want to take care of yourself long into the golden years. Taking care of yourself is taking care of your family.

2. Exercise for your kids

Have the energy to play with your children and the lower stress levels to care for them in a level headed, rational way. Being fit will set a good example and encourage children to follow your lead in their adult years. Being healthy will make you happy, energetic and be able to function at your optimal capacity for being the best parent you can be.

3. Exercise for your career

Being able to think quickly, multitask, and having a long supply of mental brainpower are all benefits of fitness. Less sick days, more ambition and being able to work harder for longer will make you an ideal employee, with more possibility for promotion and respect. Being able to manage stress and sleep better at night makes you a happier and more well rounded person and results in your relationship with your job to be a better more fulfilling role.

Everybody should exercise. Even if it is in small 2-5 minute bursts throughout the day. I train what has to be the busiest people in Toronto and I admire their dedication to receive these benefits despite their schedules. If someone with children, long hours and high stress jobs can manage an hour two to three times a week, anybody can.

Be fit for life!

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  • Sophia says
    It's all true. Thank you for sharing!
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