The Pedometer is Your Best Friend!

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

A pedometer is a fitness tool used to track how many steps you take in a day. 2000 steps is equivalent to 1 mile or 1.6km The average sedentary person takes an average of 2-3000 steps per/day. An active person takes an average of 10 000 steps/day or 5 miles. (8k)


I recommend wearing one for a few days. Preferably on an inactive and then active day. Doing so will truly show you how a few basic lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your overall fitness level.

Recently I did this very thing as an experiment for myself. One day I did my daily routine without getting off the subway early to walk, and without going for my usual jog in the morning. My result was roughly 4500 steps. (2.5 miles, 4km) The next day I did a run in the morning and walked everywhere instead of relying on public transportation. My result was 22000 steps (11 miles, 17.6km) Despite being a personal trainer and knowing how much of a difference little changes can make, I still found the results completely remarkable.

Try this challenge:

Figure out how much you are walking daily and try to beat it by 500 steps everyday until you reach 10000. This is the ideal number of steps you should take in a day.

Walking is an excellent weight loss and general fitness activity. It's low impact and it's a great way to explore your community and "sight-see." Try being a tourist in your own city and take some pictures while you're at it. It sure beats rush hour traffic and crowded buses!

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  • KH says
    My pedometer didn't seem very accurate. I'd be interesting in trying this out if I found one that actually counted my steps.
  • Anna says
    i used to have one and it was great... its amazing how much it took to get to 10,000 steps a day tho!!
    • KH says
      haha yeah! Maybe I don't want to know...
    • Elisha says
      I like it..., 'KH' where can we buy it & how much it cost?
    • Juicy_Fruit says
      Im really lucky, because my phone as an in-built pedometer, so its really easy to keep track!
    • Mellow says
      Unlike a prisoners ankle bracelet - one is free to roam.
    • Naomi says
      It's such a great way to find out much energy you are putting out during the day and helps keep you active
    • Jaq says
      I so agree that a pedometer would encourage you to walk that little bit further. Just that extra few steps every day would really add up.
    • Jgems says
      Yes, definitely using a pedometer encourages more steps. On the days when you don't do much, the low reading shocks you into making some moves to get to your daily target. Your very own personal nagger!
    • Micky05 says
      They are great but a bit depressing when you work out how many steps you need to counteract a burger
    • Micky05 says
      I'm quite competitive so can see this being a great incentive to start a competition with my friends to see who can clock up the most steps

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