Tactical Move By Silvermoon

Silvermoon Tactix players Anna Thompson, Hayley Saunders and Jess Moulds answer what it’s like to be in a top New Zealand netball team.

What’s a day in the life of a Silvermoon Tactix player like?

Anna Thompson Days can vary during the week depending on when we’re playing, but a full day for us will include a gym session, a netball session, followed by a recovery session. On top of that, most of us work or study as well.

I imagine you must have some early mornings, do you have any tricks for starting the day right?

Hayley Saunders) My daily smoothie sets me up for a big morning! Getting some fuel on board asap gives me energy to go hard at training. Pumping some good tunes on the way to training is also a good booster, otherwise I like to listen to Fletch, Vaughan and Megan on the radio because they are guaranteed to get me laughing on the way to training!

You must be on the road a lot for games, what’s your go to packing hack? 

Jess Moulds) I have become a very efficient packer now. Something that has made life easier for me is to have a toiletries bag with a second set of everything I need in it – toothbrush, body wash so I can just throw it in the bag and away I go.

Tell us some of your favourite things about being located in the Mainland Zone area? 

AT) Two of my favourite things are all of the new cafes and restaurants that are opening up around the city and the amazing walks we have available to us at our back door - Godley Heads is a top spot with an amazing view!

HS) I love getting outdoors, particularly for my training and living here allows me to utilise the Port Hills, the beaches, Hagley Park and a couple of gnarly sets of stairs around the place. I honestly love how accessible the city, beach, and country all are for me here in Christchurch!

JM) I love the people in the Mainland, they are really resilient, positive people and so willing to help each other out. I also love the café/food scene. There are so many amazing new cafes and restaurants popping up everywhere, not to mention the beautiful sunsets/sunrises we get.

Most people would think you spend your life in sports gear, what’s your off court style like?

AT) If I want to be a bit dressed up, I wear boots, and my chunky Silvermoon LT costume necklace.  Or if I’m going casual I love my Boh Runga Fan Tail Pendant necklace, which is also from Silvermoon. So pretty but also nice and understated.

Do you have any advice for young netball players who want to really move up?

HS) What I have learnt is to keep it simple - remind yourself WHY you are playing. Nine times out of ten it will come back to the fact that it’s fun! Play other sports for as long as you can, there are so many skill sets from other sports that benefit netball hugely so consider the juggling of sports as beneficial. And my last point would just be that hard work trumps talent in the long run!

What are your favourite local brands? 

JM) Silvermoon, Posh Porridge, Supreme Supreme (café) and of course my business Relish Nutrition 

What big goals does the Silvermoon Tactix have for the current season? 

HS) To produce netball that ourselves and our region can be proud of. We have made great inroads to reaching this goal in the past few weeks and I believe a win is just around the corner, which will be the cherry on top and something we are so hungry for! To come back strong during the second half of the season and finish 4th and challenge for 3rd place on the table would be incredible!

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