Start With Posture

Lee-Anne Wann

Lee-Anne is a fitness specialist, presenter & author best known as the tough trainer on the hit Television Series 'Downsize Me'

Posture is one of those things people ignore until it is either pointed out to them or they get some serious problems.


What many of us don’t realise is that correcting our posture is the most important thing we can do BEFORE getting out there to exercise.  And the great thing about correcting our posture is not only will we feel great and reduce our risk of injuries and other conditions but the exercise and activity we do will be that much more effective and efficient because everything is working as it should and this simply means – better results with less effort!!! We love this!

Posture exercises are a type of strength exercise that can be used by anyone. Strength exercises are something people only associate with athletes or males looking to put on muscle. However they can be used by anyone for many different reasons including posture correction.  One of the most effective posture exercises helps correct forward head posture and rounded shoulders which are common in office workers and people who drive long distances, is a seated row with or without weights.  This strengthens the middle back muscles which sit between the shoulder blades.  It is also a good idea to stretch the chest which will free up some slack and allow your shoulders to come back into some retraction.

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  • flowery3 says
    when I saw that photo the first time I thought that it was the wrong way round, and should have been turned 90 degrees! Defying gravity!
  • coco says
    I have definitely noticed there are so many people with bad posture, I often wonder if its because they are hunched over a computer all day. I learnt good posture with dancing, which is great as to this day I still have it. Could also be because Im short so Im trying to stand straight up to make me appear taller lol.
  • Anna says
    ive noticed my posture getting alot better since excersing alot more... didnt even think about it before though...
  • CEZ33 says
    I will definately give this a go, but I have always been pretty clumsy and not had the best balance so Im a little nervous!! Wonder if you can do it with you back to a wall?? lol.
  • Wice says
    I think this girl got carried away trying to improve her round shoulders!
    • Anna says
      lol those people just take it a little too far!!
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