No Time For Fitness? No Problem! Get Fit in 15 Minutes a Day

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

A common obstacle to working out, and getting in to shape, is not having enough hours in the day! While it is definitely true that the average person works, and has responsibilities at home, it is still possible to get in great shape on a time budget.

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Three Ways to Get in Shape in 15 Minutes a Day

1. Exercise At Home

By the time you get ready to go the gym, travel there, exercise, shower and return back home, a good portion of the day is gone! I do not know many people that can afford such a luxury! However, if you switch your workouts to home based routines, you can cut all of the travel time, and wait times for machines out of the workout. Finding 15 minutes to quickly perform 2 sets for every muscle group, or walk on the treadmill, is much more manageable than the rather large commitment of exercising at a fitness club.

2. Do What You Can, When You Can

A set of squats here, and some push ups there, really do go a long way. It is a misconception that exercise has to be an hour long to be effective. If you accumulate 30 minutes of exercise a day, you are already living an active lifestyle. Accumulated exercise can be walking to the store, and all of those times you climb the stairs of your office building. If you are blow drying your hair, you can do some squats, stretch in the kitchen, or lunge when vacuuming. Fit it in, whenever you can.

3. Hire A Personal Trainer

A personal trainer wants to see you succeed more than anybody else. That is their job, and your accomplishments are theirs too! If you only have 15 minutes 2-3 times a week, just ask for a lower rate! Any trainer should be adaptable to their client's schedule and needs, and can make the most out of any session, whether it is 15 minutes or an hour. A personal trainer will also keep you exercising consistently, and safely.

Exercise is necessary for great health, confidence, and making everyday activities easier. Workout whenever you can, and eventually, multiple 15 minute routines will add up to fantastic results!

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  • flowery3 says
    I can manage a few minutes while I clean my teeth, and while I boil the kettle - and you should see the way I empty the dishwasher, I may look silly buy hey!
  • Anna says
    good ideas here... ive always been partial to the park your car the furtherest spot away in the carpark to get that extra little bit of walking in!!
  • KH says
    These are great tips as I do have trouble fitting exercise into my day. I know some people are really glad to have a personal trainer but it's not something I've tried yet.
    • Anna says
      I have had a personal trainer and he was great... good for tips and advise... good to keep you on track... and good just to have someone there for you... sadly he went over seas =( but i did use him for about a year and it was great!!
    • jbutterfly says
      I try and keep moving all the time, like when I am on the comp, I will move my legs or bop a little when I'm peeling spuds, good to keep you warm on these cold days!
    • Sezzerator says
      Knowing some good, quick excersises to do at home is a good dea, I do that when I cant quite get to the gym and it makes me feel better as at least Ive done some sort of excersise!!
    • sheree says
      I do pilates on the carpet when the ads come on between my favourite programmes.
    • caz says
      I am useless- best intentions not so great on the execution my life is super hectic unfortunately a lot of it has to be sitting on the computer i can feel myself turning into a blob and man id love to go outside once in a while. Oh the joy of being in a concrete box. lol. I bought an ab circle pro, it sits in my spare room thats how bad i am. Im hoping by embarrassing myself i might get my $#^& together lol feel free to pick on me hee hee
    • kim_blee says
      I have entered myself in a 6km challenge in December, so unless I get into some kind of shape, I am going to look a complete fool! These are great tips, thanks. No excuses now! :)
    • redleisa says
      i seem to need at least 2 hours exercise per day to get in shape and slow lose/maintain weight- i walk fast mostly and bike ride any suggestions for anything more intense but within those 2 hours? 15 mins has no effect
      • Cinty says
        I was just talking to my mum last night and a lady she works with has just started a really really intense work out using kettlebells. She was worked so hard that she felt like she was going to vomit - but she swears by it that it's working. That and a really strict diet.
        • Anna says
          i do a really good thing (that only takes about 20mins) and works well for me... The aim of it is to keep your heart rate up really high (which means you are burning more energy i think? - for me walking, even at a fast pace doesnt get my heartrate up much at all...).. What you do is start 2 types of 'weight room' exercises that get your heart rate up... say step ups and lunges... you do three sets of these... (e.g. 10 step ups for each leg then 10 lunges and repeat 3 times) then do 5 mins of intense cardio (running, or the step machiene or something)... make sure it intense... its only 5 mins!! then go back to weights and do 2 more weights that keep your heart rates up... and do 3 sets of them (more examples, burpies, anything with dumbbells and medicine balls, anything thats jumping ....) then do another intense cardio for 5 mins... and finnish it with one more lot in the weights room... if you keep the intensity up you can achieve great results in the 20 mins....
          Failing that i have Always found running to be ALOT more effective than walking... you should start trying to increase your heart rate i think and see how that goes!!
        • Wice says
          I still you the good old XBX - a group of graded exercises for flexibilty, strength and cardio fitness which was devised for women in the Royal Canadian Air Force (There is a 5BX plan for men too). The XBX plan is a physical fitness program composed of 4 charts of 10 exercise, arranged in progressive order of difficulty.

          This program takes only 12 minutes a day and is totally brilliant, When you reach your optimum level of fitness (either where you are comfortable or there are age guidelines), you need only do the exercises two or three times a week to maintain the same level.

          I don't know whether the XBX booklet is still available (my old tatty copy is a 9th edition) but I did look it up on Google and here is a link if anyone is interested:

          • KH says
            That's great thanks. XBX is something I hadn't heard of before and I think I will give this a go. Just 12 minutes after all! Thanks for sharing!

            This looks like quite a good chart also.


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