No Deep Stretching Before Exercise

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

Static stretching is the type of stretch that is held for 10-30 seconds, and unfortunately, can do more harm than good if performed before a workout.


Reasons to NOT Stretch Before a Workout

1. Stretching should only be performed on warm muscles. Otherwise it is counter productive. It causes muscles to pull and contract, leaving an exerciser with tighter muscles than before s/he stretched in the first place!

2. It is too relaxing. Its place is after exercise, when the body wants to cool down, and release the tension build up from vigorous exercise. Therefore, stretching before a workout will actually tire you out sooner during the session, and even cause you to not feel like exercising in the first place. Stick to it only after exercise, or before bed.

3. It's mainly used for increasing flexibility. You don't really want your joints to be super flexible before a weight training routine. It may cause injury if your muscles are too loose.

What to do Before a Workout

Dynamic stretching is limbering up with movement. This includes exercises such as: Arm circles, body weight squats, hip thrusts, and high knee raises. This type of stretching effectively prepares the body for exercise both mentally and physically.

Five to ten minutes of cardio will also warm the muscles, increase circulation and tell the body it's time to exercise.

Stretching is very beneficial for injury prevention, increased flexibility, and feeling limber and energetic. If you must perform stretches before a workout (old habits die hard!) then do not hold them for long. Simply place your body in the desired stretching pose and release. You can repeat this a few times without stretching too deeply. If you ever feel any pull or strain, stop immediately!

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  • Rorr says
    Ooh, interesting. Thanks for this information :)
  • coco says
    THats so strange I always thought you were meant to stretch before and after exercise... to avoid injuries. THough have to admit I never do stretch...
  • Adele says
    This is sooo true I never used to stretch before working out and then one day I worked out with a friend and she told me I I did and I injured myself!!! I am glad it wasn't just me making it up!
  • Lauren says
    Never knew this...Interesting.
  • KH says
    I use a brisk walk as a warm up.
  • myofit says
    Hi there, first i would just like to say you should be very careful about what you advise people on as gospel, unless you have proven research behind the statements you make. I am a musculoskeletal specialist and would not make half of the comments you have. There are pros and cons about stretching, these should be both considered and understood before commencing.
  • New Member says
    Nice Post
  • Gary says
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  • Mariledger says
    Stretching can be a effort out in itself. I have taken a lot of Martial arts classes in my life and I must say that the Most under rated workout in our habit is stretching. As maintained by Dissertation writers UK, benefits of stretching really progress our overall health. Stretching is a huge warm-up or cool down and get betters muscular synchronization, in addition to prevents soreness and promotes faster improvement.
  • New Member says
    Great post. Keep posting.

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