Never under-estimate the power of the small

Lee-Anne Wann

Lee-Anne is a fitness specialist, presenter & author best known as the tough trainer on the hit Television Series 'Downsize Me'

Small amounts of activity which I like to call ‘Snactivity’ are truly an efficient and effective way to keep healthy, manage body weight and reduce your risk of serious health issues. Too easy to believe I know, which is where most of us come unstuck.  Because it is so small, we think that it will not have much impact, but we only need to look at the research to know we would benefit hugely from creating our own ‘snacktivities’.

Isabelle on the phone

Research shows people who take regular breaks from sitting at their desks have less stomach fat, lower risks of heart disease and lower blood pressure. Some great easy snacktivities include:

·         Standing up while talking on the phone rather than sitting down

·         Hold the e-mail and walk over to a colleagues desk instead

·         Try a curtsy squat or 2 in the kitchen or at your chair next time you get up – great for the butt, thighs and abs along with your health.

·         Use the toilet on another floor and take the stairs – an oldie but a goodie

·         Go remote-less! Yes I heard that gasp but removing the TV remote is such an easy way to help your health.

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  • Wice says
    Joy of joy! Went and bought a universal remote yesterday and it didn't work. Turned on the TV tonight and the old one did! YIPPEE!! A small thing which resulted in shouts of joy ringing though our house!
  • Wice says
    Just had another thought about small things. When I was a school we had a visit from the prison chaplain who told us all sort of scary and sad tales. I don't remember any of them but I do remember what he said when he left.

    "Every tiny thing that happens in your life will show as an expression on your face. You may smile or cry or frown or pout but each tiny expression will leave it's mark.

    If you are lucky enough to grow old, one day you will look in the mirror and you will see that your face has become a picture of your life and the kind person you are."
  • Tracey Pinny says
    I park the furthest I can from the supermarket and walk.
  • chphilp says
    I'm trying to remind myself that the little that I can do is all adding up, it doesn't feel it at the time, but it is better than nothing.
  • Marley says
    Good advise, I'm so lazy!!! But getting fit last year has really increased my energy levels!
  • teabag says
    I can definitely vouch for the 'little things' definitely adding up making a huge difference!
    A few years back a change in relationship status and address meant I started doing things a bit differently - mostly doing a few more things that the 'man of the house' usually would have done (eg, mow the lawns, take the kids to the park, put the rubbish out).
    I also started walking to work (only a tiny 1km trip that I could do in my heels!)

    NONE of the activities made me even come CLOSE to sweating or a having a racing heart....BUT in no time at all the kilos were falling off, and I noticed my fitness was hugely improved.

    It made me realise that fitness and exercise do not need to be a hard slog at the gym, or doing things that are groan worthy.
    Just small changes within your everday lifestyle can make a huge difference.
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