Never under-estimate the power of the small

Lee-Anne Wann

Lee-Anne is a fitness specialist, presenter & author best known as the tough trainer on the hit Television Series 'Downsize Me'

Small amounts of activity which I like to call ‘Snactivity’ are truly an efficient and effective way to keep healthy, manage body weight and reduce your risk of serious health issues. Too easy to believe I know, which is where most of us come unstuck.  Because it is so small, we think that it will not have much impact, but we only need to look at the research to know we would benefit hugely from creating our own ‘snacktivities’.

Isabelle on the phone

Research shows people who take regular breaks from sitting at their desks have less stomach fat, lower risks of heart disease and lower blood pressure. Some great easy snacktivities include:

·         Standing up while talking on the phone rather than sitting down

·         Hold the e-mail and walk over to a colleagues desk instead

·         Try a curtsy squat or 2 in the kitchen or at your chair next time you get up – great for the butt, thighs and abs along with your health.

·         Use the toilet on another floor and take the stairs – an oldie but a goodie

·         Go remote-less! Yes I heard that gasp but removing the TV remote is such an easy way to help your health.

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  • coco says
    Going remoteless could be a good one for our house, with changing the channels everytime an ad comes on we would be up all the time!
  • flowery3 says
    I use time waiting on bus stops for a few quick excercises - the secret is to try and make it look like normal activity rather than looking crazy ( unless there is no one else there anyway!) - pacing up and down, rising up and down on my toes etc
  • Lauren says
    Yay I already do the remoteless thing!
  • Anna says
    that remoteless thing is totally a good idea!!!
  • Merrie says
    Standing up and sitting down each time I need coffee, then toilet tones my butt. One usually leads to another!
  • busy_bee900 says
    I have started doing back exercises while I clean my teeth:
    Keeping my back straight while squatting.
    Trunk twists.
    Rolling my shoulders over.
    Arching my back...etc

    I know you're already standing up, but at least it's another two times per day when you actually remember to do that little extra.

    Just keep an ear out for your significant other, as he may laugh when he sees you flicking toothpaste everywhere!!
  • Wice says
    Going remoteless is absolutely awful and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Our remote packed up a couple of days ago and we can't get a new one sent for a week. It is so annoying having to get up and down constantly to change channels, volume; record, fast forward etc. (Freeview). It's nothing like the old days when the knobs were on the front of the TV. Now we have to open the cupboard and sit on the floor squinting at the tiny buttons which are impossible to see. There must be a better way! It's driving us all crazy.

    On the other hand, I am a strong believer in the small things. One of the things I do every day - totally unrelated to getting fit - is pulling weeds out of the garden. Just one or two a day keeps everything under control.

    I was trying to remember what happened in China. I think it was Mao who brought in a policy that each person had to kill two flies every day in an effort to eradicate them. It did work for a while I believe but they all came back (well new ones appeared) eventually.
  • Roz says
    Anyone who says you shouldn't worry about small things, should try sleeping in a room with a mosquito!
  • Wice says
    You are really on form tonight Rozanne!
  • StillMe says
    Our TV doesn't even work without the remote.

    Do little things like this really add up? I do little things all the time, well, and things like Grande Jetes up the hallway, but I never feel like I'm making any difference unless I'm really feeling my muscles working, preferably to the point that I'm hot, sweaty, and possibly exhausted.

    I guess it's just maths. If you are doing ANYTHING over nothing you are using more cals.

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