How to Get Your Partner to Exercise With You

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

If you have a partner in your life, you also have a buddy for your workouts! Exercising with your significant other is a great bonding experience. It also makes you a more dynamic and productive pair. If you're the one in the relationship that loves fitness, but your partner does not, you can still workout as a team without pressure or boring the less fitness inclined partner.

Jogging couple

Here are Three tips for encouraging your partner to exercise:

1. Don't drag him/her to the gym, find fun activities

The gym is the worst spot to be, if you're not a fan of exercise. Instead of suggesting traditional forms of fitness, suggest activities instead, that promote health and well being. A Saturday morning bike ride, taking martial arts classes together, or even going for a walk are great ways to get someone involved slowly. Without scaring them away with a big, muscle burning lifting session.

2. Compliment, Compliment, Compliment

If you manage to get your partner exercising regularly, help them to enjoy the benefits of their program by pointing out their new muscles, leaner waist line and defined glutes. Making the special person in your life feel good about their body is important regardless of the amount they exercise, but pointing out their progress in a way that makes them feel sexy and accomplished will have them working out more than you, in no time!

3. Don't be pushy, bossy, or a know it all

If you have been exercising for years, but your partner never has, avoid the urge to run the show. It's acceptable to correct form here and there, or set the pace on a jog but the worst turn off, is having someone that doesn't allow you to experience fitness first hand. If your partner feels like they are slowing you down, or they feel bullied to do things your way, you won't have a workout buddy for long! If anything, ask your partner how your form looks or tell them to suggest a running route they may enjoy. Make your partner feel useful, needed, and equal.

Exercising together is fantastic. It keeps your workouts consistent, and together, any pair exercising will feel better mentally and physically. This will surely improve emotional and physical connections.

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  • Wice says
    I am not a keen sportsperson and don’t really enjoy exercise – but I do enjoy walking. I would absolutely love to exercise with my partner but it’s never going to happen. He is superfit from running - about 15kms every day since before we even met. He even took his running gear on our honeymoon! Unfortunately, he has absolutely no desire to exercise with me. Maybe once a year he will come for a walk with me but it is always under duress. Also, he believes that exercise is up to the individual and that no one will make me do by myself… hence he refuses to encourage me even though I ask for his support. The only other sport he is into is golf with his mates so that wouldn’t work either. I just have to accept that it’s never going to happen. Once more, it’s a matter of taking responsibility for myself.

    Have to say, I envy you if you can make this work for you. Would be great fun I am sure!
  • Anna says
    hehe ive just got my partner into exercising with me... but i find it works when he feels like he done good (usually by the fact that he has sore muscles =P) so i have to push him hard =)
  • Wice says
    Good for you Anna. I really do find it much easier even walking with company. I might just have to find a girl friend to exercise with!
  • Laura_actually says
    I wish.
  • Starlite5 says
    Hear hear, my significant other use to be a personal trainer and bless him he's been very tactful is how he words his compliments when I've put on the kilos and over the last few years he's been encouraging me to get back on that exercise horse ( I'm a Staggitarius and use to be sports mad) but over the years and especially after having four c-sections it's been hard to get motivated so we've made a pact and drafted up an agreement that I'll support him to stop smoking (he took up the habit after he stopped training eeww) and he'll support me....wait for it....not to lose weight but to get back into doing what I love and that's sports and exercise because he figured knowing me, getting back into doing something that I used to do and love was a bigger motivator than just losing weight , that comes with the territory, and to be quite honest for me it's not about the weight but more about getting fit.
  • JasonBrown says
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