Great Reasons to Exercise With Your Significant Other

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

Working out with your partner is not only a lot more fun than exercising on your own, it's helpful to technique and results.

Jogging couple

Five Reasons Couples Should Exercise Together

1. Spotting and technique correction. It can take another person to see your exercise form, to be able to properly make corrections. It also takes a second person to assist lifting heavier dumbbells in to starting position. With proper technique and being able to set up the weight you need, your workouts will be more safe and effective.

2. Healthy Pressure and motivation. Setting a workout date makes you accountable. It's too easy to blow off exercise days when it's just you that has to show up. You will also push yourself harder when you have your s.o. cheering you on.

3. You share a common goal that benefits one another. A lot of the time when people work out, it's to look and feel more sexy. Exercise IS sexy and if you and your partner are in it together to look and feel great for each others benefit, then it adds to the fun and motivation of the program.

4. Exercise brings you closer together. On your lifting days, you work as a team. There is a certain degree of trust necessary for someone to spot you. You and your partner will also be participating in more activities together for cardio and general activity. Hiking, rock climbing and cycling are fun fitness dates that will make you both feel good to be around each other.

5. Success and teamwork will spill over in to everyday life. Think about it. You and your partner get excited over a common goal and work hard to be successful together. Two minds are better than one and when you and your s.o. learn to work together you will find your ambition and determination will overflow in to practical aspects of your life from finances to housework. Be a power couple!

Working out as a couple is great idea for motivation, safety and bonding. It's helpful to have two people with different strengths and weaknesses (one is good at fitness and the other, nutrition) to help each other succeed. So grab your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse and get them in to fitness for health, results and a lot of fun!

Exercise Together!

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