Get Your Friends Fit

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

Before I lost weight, I was far from living anything close to a fitness lifestyle. I ate horribly and I was lazy. Hardly any of my friends were working out either. It was too easy to flake on workouts when the people surrounding me were the same way.

Jogging with our iPhones...


Studies have shown that the company you keep can affect your lifestyle. Fit people have fit friends while out of shape people have sedentary friends.

I'm definitely not saying to get new friends if you want to be healthy! What I am suggesting, is to bring your fitness and nutrition plans in to your social group.

Having friends and family with similar goals is a helpful technique to achieve results. A workout partner or like minded support network is motivating. You can share the ups and downs of your journey as well as share tips and information.

Suggestions to get your friends and family in to a fitness lifestyle:

-If your group likes to eat dinners out, suggest a healthy restaurant for a change of pace. It just may become a group favourite and sure beats french fries and hamburgers!

-If your group regularly goes to bars, suggest going to the gym once in a while. After a workout, you could have a protein shake or even a latte, instead of alcohol. Sharing a drink of any kind is still social. Plus you will all feel great after a tough workout. Instead of horrible the next day!

-If your social circle is in the habit of lounging around on weekends, organize an outdoor activity like cycling, rollerblading or swimming.

-Always suggest walking. Want to go to the mall? Let's walk! Want to go see a movie? Let's walk! Walking is an excellent way to get in shape. You can still hold a conversation and get some fresh air too.

-Hire a personal trainer and work out together. Not only is it motivating but you also get a discount for pairs and small groups.

-When planning a vacation suggest a hiking, canoeing or cycling trip. Sitting on the beach drinking can be fun, but it's much better to come back from a trip in better shape than when you left!

-Bring your friends out to try classes with you. Yoga, spinning and boxing are fun activities that you could suggest. A lot of gyms will give you a free pass to bring a friend too!

-Challenge your friends to a competition. See who can lose X amount of weight first. OR see who can accumulate 10 miles of running first. Sometimes a friendly bet can be very motivating!

Having friends that that are trying to get in shape too, really helps with your own goals. It's great for your friends too, if they are inactive! If there is any kind of peer pressure that's positive it's definitely trying to get people to work out with you!

Be a good influence and get your friends fit!

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  • Nadia says
    Agreed, if you have a training buddy you feel so guilty not going as you are letting someone else down! Therefore, you don't and then you exercise and feel great about it. Also great to have someone to tell you to put the cookie down
  • milliestar says
    I started to convince my friend's of this about a year ago - they took some encouraging, but once they hopped on the bandwagon and realised the benefits, they haven't looked back. It's great - we all support one another when we are having our 'down' days or lacking in motivation and it makes eating healthily and exercising so much more fun. I highly recommend it and try to ignore any of your friends that are sceptical - it's their loss!!
  • Laura_actually says
    I think weekly groups are a great idea - meeting people, spending
    time with friends and getting fit at the same time.
  • Altera says
    It is never always fun when you work out alone. While I do a fair bit of exercise by myself, it's fun when I'm cycling with friends and we decide to race from one point to another.

    We're also getting together for a Zumba party during study week so that we get off our bums in between studying, eating and sleeping. ^^
  • harksgal says
    I think its way better to work out with a friend as you can chat to them and while exercising. Also you are not exercising alone. I have had lots of exercise equipment and they have all only ever been used a few times. My cousin also was gifted zumba for xmas but never does it. I think if you have someone else to exercise with it will give you that extra push that you need and its harder to let someone else down as it is yourself. Now that i have written all of this i need to contact my friends for a walk because i won't be doing much exercising sitting here.
  • ibnita says
    I've found joining my partner on his daily jog to be a great source of inspiration, even though he is in much better physical condition and is usually a dozen strides ahead of me just having him there keeps me going.
  • Raven says
    It's great having a group of friends to exercise with. It helps keep your motivation up and you can encourage each other.
  • Amber says
    Friends working out with me really motivates me to stay in shape, its emabressing at first but give it a chance!
  • shopping says
    Totally ... When I moved to this rural community ,wasnt even 2 years and I had put on 12kgs because I didnt really know anyone and I lived far away from anyone. When we moved closer to the school I met my Friend who actually was a trainer for contours in Australia. she also was out of shape from moving back here from Au and having a baby. We met at the pub lol and hit it off straight away so the following Monday we started walking 1 1/2 hrs in the morning and taking our kids to the local Marae at nights do to Zumba.. Has been 3 months and we have lost around 6kgs, you really need that push and having a friend to drag you out is awesome. Now down to getting the food sorted, being winter and all I am a sucker for comfort food in front of the fire at nights with my man and kids lol
  • KH says
    I agree it's helpful to have someone else with similar goals. Now...where to fins that someone....

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