Five Exercise Safety Tips For the Summer

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

FIVE Precautions to Take for Summer Activity

Walking for Weight Loss

1. First and foremost wear sunscreen. Burns hurt! They can get quite serious too. Not to mention skin damage and increasing your risk of skin cancer. Wear at least an SPF 15 sunscreen. Apply it 15 minutes before heading out, for maximum UV protection.

2. Avoid exercising between 11-3 when the sun is strongest, hottest and can do the most damage. Aim for morning and evening workouts to avoid heat stroke and sun damage. Mornings in the summer are quite beautiful. If you live near the water, all the more visually appealing!

3. Drink Fluids. Most people are dehydrated at any given time. In the summer this increases your risk of heat stroke and in general, makes you tired and feel groggy. Drink a 1/2-1 cup of water 30 minutes before exercising and 1-2 cups after to replenish your body of much needed fluids.

4. Don't think you are safe from the sun in the water. If anything the water makes sun damage worse. The rays reflect off the surface of the water. It's like being in one of those old, foil tanning beds. Make sure your sunscreen is water-proof!

5. Wear sunglasses. Your eyes can deteriorate over time without UV protection. Pick out a pair that has 99-100% UV protection. Price does not make a better pair of shades, unless it's for fashion. Even inexpensive pairs offer all the eye protection you need to get through the summer. For exercising choose a clear lenses so your vision is not obstructed. Especially while running or cycling in Urban areas.

If you are exercising outdoors in the heat and you feel dizzy, fatigued or nauseous, take a break. Sit in the shade or go indoors for a drink. Listen to your body at all times. The heat and humidity is no place to push yourself farther than your body wants to go.

Exercising outdoors in the summer is fun, beautiful and highly recommended. Just be careful, know your limitations and take the precautions necessary to have a safe and enjoyable workout.

Summer IS Here!

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  • Wice says
    I think that someone should have told that girls to take an emergency kit with them as well. A safetypin might be useful as she looks like one of them is about to lose her pants!
  • Anna says
    i just like the last line.. summer is here... makes me so happy!! and i just bought some new sunglasses yesterday!! yay!!
  • Starlite5 says
    Watching the boxing Fight for Life last night with the family and the pretty young girls in their bikinis, I wisfully said aloud without thinking " I used to have a body like that" to which my 16 year old son rolled his eyes and off went the brother-in-laws with their comments......crap opened myself to that one!
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  • New Member says
    I like it

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