Eight Ways to Get Fit at Work

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

Some schedules don't leave much room for working out. If you have the motivation but you don't have the time, it is still possible to accumulate activity through out the day to stay healthy. All you have to do is exercise whenever and wherever you can.

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Results don't necessarily require long hours in the gym. It's completely possible to stay healthy and get in to shape by "active living." Active living is simply, making your lifestyle more active. It's a very easy transition and can make a huge difference to your overall health and energy levels. Use some of the suggestions listed below to add activity in to your work day.

Eight Ways to Get in Shape at Work:

1. Go for a walk after you eat lunch. Convince your co-workers to come along, the extra motivation and company.

2. If your workplace has a gym, use it before or after work.

3. Use resistance tubes at your desk

4. Wear a pedometer to monitor your climb to 10 000 steps per day.

5.Always take the stairs over the elevator.

6.Walk everywhere. Hand deliver in-house messages instead of e mailing and walk instead of taking the car for local errands

7.Schedule your exercise. Make it an appointment and stick to it.

8.Stretch every hour to prevent stiff muscles, back and neck pain.

Find ways to add activity in to your busy routine. Exercising anytime you can, whether you are doing calf raises while waiting for photocopies or speed walking home will all add up. If you have the motivation, you will do it!

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  • coco says
    Thanks some good ideas here - Im interested to find out what resistance tubes are, Ive never heard of them.
  • Lauren says
    I think taking the stairs over the elevator is a good one!
  • Anna says
    good ideas... always hear how working in an office is bad for your health.. good to hear some ways to stop it...
  • Wice says
    Maybe this is easier when you work with other people in a an office situation. Finding a way to exercise and leave your desk is one of the hardest things to do when you work alone from home.
    • KH says
      Maybe I'm lucky I'm on my feet and walking around much of the working day! Sometimes being able to sit for a few minutes is so nice!
    • Wice says
      I've seen quite a few of these around but here's one you can buy from Amazon - an under desk pedal exerciser

    • New Member says
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