Are You Working Out Too Much?

Kaleena Lawless

Personal Training Specialist

Over training is a serious health concern. It also damages your chances of seeing results. You might think, more exercise equals more results but that's not the case. Progress comes from rest. Muscles grow and repair while you recover. Taking days off allows you to start fresh, with energy levels at their maximum capacity. It's far better to work out with all your strength three days a week, rather than half your strength for six.


Sign Of Over Training May Include:

-Fatigue. Feeling constantly tired, drained and lacking energy

-Irritability and moodiness

-Pain in muscles and joints




-Poor Performance during exercise

-Decreased immunity. Getting sick more often, like more sore throats and colds.

-Decreased motivation and enthusiasm

-Decreased appetite

-Increased injuries

To recover from over training the best thing to do, is to take a few days to a couple of weeks off from any form of vigorous physical activity. You can participate in low levels of activity such as walking. This is commonly called "active recovery." Movement without high intensities works to improve circulation and improve immune functioning.

During your recovery process, drink lots of water and eat a variety of nutritious food. You can even treat yourself to a massage by either an RMT or more specifically, a sports massage therapist. Not only will it physically help your muscles heal but your mind will feel refreshed and clear afterward.

If you exercise compulsively this is a serious problem. Similar to an eating disorder compulsive exercising is a condition that requires medical attention. If you feel like you can't skip a day out of fear of losing results or gaining weight and/or if exercising isn't fun anymore, merely an obligation, it's best to talk to your doctor for advise to help you overcome compulsive exercising and to start working out again because it's fun and makes you feel good.

If you are not sure if you have been over training please e mail me for instructions on how to test yourself.

Remember to Rest!

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  • Dee-Dee says
    ...I learnt the hard way back in the day trying to keep trim, because of excess partying...use to try and exercise 6 times a day...but then it started to mess up my sleep and I couldn't concentrate when I was at Uni and my attention span with studying started to play I cut back to four days a week and stretched on the fifth, reduced my partying and grew
  • ClaireElizabeth says
    When I was young I had a friend and his Dad was obsessed with running and we were all so shocked when he dropped dead from a heart attack. We thought how could such a fit man just drop dead. It was an early lesson that over doing it in anything mightn't be good for you.
    • Dee-Dee says
      ...Yep I knew someone like that too....but luckily he survived his heart attack while he was out running...but he still exercises just not as full on as before....
    • Wice says
      Hey, maybe I've found out what's wrong with hubbie! As if he'd listen!
    • Anna says
      i dont think id ever have to worry about this issue =P
    • Laura_actually says
      30 minutes a day is all fine with me!
    • Wice says
      I definitely thinki working out/excercising can become an obsession for some people. Maybe it's the adrenalin buzz as they keep pushing themselves or maybe it just gives them a purpose, something to focus on that lets them believe they are in control.
      • Dee-Dee says
        ...was never the adrenalin buzz for me unfortunately every time I get a few extra pounds I get worked up and want to lose it....especially winter weight before the summer.....however like I said before at Uni I just partied and did what ever and then I got carried away with the exercise....thankfully my workouts are not all that full on these days...but I can understand how people would get carried away with over exercising I had a flat mate and she just thought it was normal until she went for a checkup with her doc and he told her to cut back on her exercising because she was showing symptoms of exhaustion......she had no idea...which was strange to me but maybe she couldn't see what it was doing to her then perhaps....
      • Wice says
        (Paste this into an email and send it to your friends who might need some help with their exercise programme)

        Here are some gentle exercises for the more mature. I tried it, I liked it, you will too!

        The older we get the more important it is to incorporate exercise into our daily routine.
        This is necessary to maintain cardiovascular health and maintain muscle mass.
        Always consult your doctor before starting any exercise program!

        SCROLL DOWN.............

        NOW SCROLL UP....

        That's enough for the first day. Great job.

        Have a glass of wine.
      • Dee-Dee says
        ...yet again you have taken seconds away from my life and I want them!
      • Wice says
        Bet you smiled though and that added seconds!
        • Dee-Dee says
          ...actually I shook my head......and thought hmm is she might be just he wine....and now I'm
          • Anna says
            i smiled hehe!! but that frog is damn ugly!!
          • ClaireElizabeth says
            You shook your head Dee-Dee, that's more exercising - don't overdo it and strain yourself.

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