Why It Is Important To Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Your diet is defined by your lifestyle, and your lifestyle can be defined by your diet. You are what you eat, so think twice before eating that sizzling oily pork chop. What you eat is a major part of your life. Letting yourself indulge on sweet and calorie-rich diets will have dire consequences later on, so watching what you eat will help you live life to the fullest. Eating right means leaving all or most of your favorites behind, including pizzas, steaks, burgers, etc. An alternative is to eat less of those and eat more fruits and veggies.

Why fruits and veggies are important is a question everyone should ask him or herself. Your diet is a major part of your life, and eating fruits and vegetables can help you in many ways. Elimination is not truly necessary, but lessening and replacing can be a good alternative. Veggies will be a very healthy replacement for your meaty meals, and fruits can be the substitute for your sweet and sugary desserts.

Everyone should eat more fruits and veggies if they want healthier bodies. If you can help it, fruits and vegetables can be a good foundation for your diet. Imagine having vitamin and mineral-rich vegetables replace your high calorie meals and help you avoid excess calories that your body does not need. Fruits to replace your sugary desserts will help you receive the sugar your body needs without having to take excess amounts of sugar.

The reason why it is important to eat fruits and vegetables is that they can protect your health. These foods are rich in vitamins, fiber, phytochemicals and minerals. As your body is supplied by the necessary nutrients, it will be more tolerant and resistant to diseases like heart disease, increased blood pressure, diabetes, and certain types of cancers. Replacing your calorie-rich meals with fruits and veggies will also increase your chances of resisting the diseases that those types of diets will provide.

Fruits and veggies are good for weight management. We all know they are very low on calories but make you feel full. Their tastes are not very addictive, like pizzas and sweets, but thinking in a positive way means that you won't want to eat too much, even if you are already full. Exercise must always be a good partner for diet, so eating fruits and veggies is beneficial but coupling this practice with exercise is even better. Fruits are nature's natural sugar providers. Our bodies need sugar, so eliminating sugar from your diet will make you hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), thus natural sugars will be your healthiest bet. We tend to consume more refined sugars than we need, which result in fat and increased weight, so substituting your refined sugars with fruits will help your body regulate the intake of sugars and will help with losing weight.

Fruits and veggies are packed with energy. In fact, they will make you feel more energetic and healthier if they are consumed. Most fruits and vegetables trigger our bodies to produce hormones that are advantageous to our busy lives, like serotonin, which makes you happy during stressful activities.

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  • samala says
    So many people dont eat veges because they simply dont like them but there are so many ways you can cook them so they taste nice like add them to your butter chicken, the sauce with all it's spices will disguise the veges and you can eat them without feeling like your eating at your grandmas. Not everyone likes veges by themselves but when put in the right meals you find alot more people are willing to try them. I hide alot of veges in the meals I serve to my kids, they'll eat all thier tea and not even realise they have just eaten a brussel sprout. It's all about disguise sometimes.
  • kozmo says
    I am a convert to veges, id have sushi any day over fish and chips. Its an amazing food that is filling and good for you . Its an attractive colourful food to look at when you see all the different kinds available, once youve discovered your favourite combination- whther its tuna/may spring onion, or avacado chicken you will it isnt that hard to make either, and to satisfy the heartier eaters in the house you can make your sushi a bit bigger. Im a big fan
  • Rorr says
    Yum! I love fruits & some veges. Thanks for your informative article. I'm going to have an apple now
  • New Member says
    a great way to eat them is in a frittata,i make one loaded with kumara, potato,capscicum,mushrooms, peas and corn,tomatoes and spinach,absolutely delicious,i am sure even kids who are vege shy would love it
  • fander says
    It is good to read an article like this every now and then. I am probably like most - I know I should be eating more in the way of fruit and veg and I need this sort of motivational push to make some improvements in this area!
  • New Member says
    Nothing like veges, good ol meat and three vege dish!
  • vickym says
    Thank you for this great article..just the tonic I need. I am always harping on at the kids to eat fruit or veges when they say they are hungry..meanwhile I reach for the bikkie tin! Such a naughty mummy. I mean, I know fruit & veges are good for you but I had no idea that they could trigger my body to produce hormones that can turn me into a happy, healthy in mind & body super mum...bring on the bananas and carrots!
  • Christine says
    Fruit and veges are great, but they are even better when they come from your own garden. A lot of veges are really easy to grow and it is very rewarding too!
  • Zylla Green says
    Eating lots of vegies & fruits keeps you balanced. The freshness even gives us healthier lifestyle. I keep fit because I discipline myself and my children into healthy eating. Thats the only way to go..
  • KH says
    All sounds good and spot on to me.

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