Red Seal Activated Charcoal

Red Seal Activated Charcoal - Is a natural detoxifier made from 100% charcoal powder, which helps to calm digestive upsets including bloating, flatulence and bowel irregularities. Luckily Red Seal have the perfect first aid remedy designed to absorb impurities and calm general tummy upsets.

Charcoal works by bonding to any gasses, toxins and pathogens found in the body, absorbing them so they can be flushed through and out, relieving any unwanted problems without causing any harm. Safe for the whole family, a jar of Red Seal Activated Charcoal is the perfect travel companion as frequently stomach upsets can occur when we head off overseas into new environments. make sure to keep these handy in your suitcase to help flush out impurities and allergens if and when they arise.

''My stomach eased up significantly after just a week of testing out Red Seal's Activated Charcoal. It is recommended to be taken either prior to meals or one to two hours after to ease digestion and stomach upsets, and so that the charcoal does not abosrb other nutrients in the food. My bloating decreased immediately and I felt my stomach and intestines free up after a good night's rest! If you suffer from constant bloating or stomach and intestinal upsets, Activated Charcoal is the way to go.''

Reviewed by Rachel Wu - Fashion & Beauty Editor  (and budding Foodie/Nutritionist too)

With a focus on helping New Zealanders be the best they can be, Red Seal Activated Charcoal will help to cleanse and detoxify your body naturally, keeping you happy, healthy and living your best life.



Red Seal Activated Charcoal RRP $7.60

Available now at supermarkets nationwide

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  • Wice says
    I'd always heard that charcoal was carcinogenic so I've been doing a little research to find out if there is any differeance between ordinary charcoal and activated chacoal. Apparently there is!

    "Activated Charcoal is NOT charred foods such as burned toast! Charred food is a product of charred proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and mineral salts and these have an adverse affect on the body, but Activated Charcoal is made from insoluble carbonized wood that has been oxidized by gases like steam or air at high temperatures. This oxidative process erodes the charcoal's internal surfaces which greatly increases its adsorption capacity by creating an internal network of very fine pores making it possible to adsorb almost 100 times it weight in toxins, bacteria, chemicals, unwanted medications, etc. by attaching to and holding on the foreign bodies so that they are passed out of the body by elimination and prevented from replicating as in the case of bad bacteria or prevented from being absorbed into the blood stream as in the case of chemicals, toxins, or medications."

    Activated charcoal is made from insoluble carbonized wood that has been oxidized by gases like steam or air at high temperatures.

    Charcoal from burnt food is not effective, and charcoal briquettes can be dangerous because they contain fillers and petrochemicals to help them ignite. Charred food is a product of charred proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and mineral salts, which have an adverse effect on the body.

    Activated charcoal is simply burnt wood that has had all the oxygen removed through controlled oxidation and or processing by steam. Before the nineteenth century plain burnt wood was used in the same way activated charcoal is used today. Activated charcoal has up to four times the absorption power of plain burnt wood. Although charcoal briquettes, burned toast, burned meat or any burned food can be harmful carcinogens or cancer producers, activated charcoal is an important health aid.
  • Mellow says
    Burning one's lunch is not a healthy form of charcoal.!
  • khadim says
    Red Seal Activated Charcoal is known as a natural detoxifier that is made from 100% charcoal powder, which aids you to tranquil gastric upsets such as swelling, pomposity and bowel anomalies. I read about dissertationplanet review in the paper. Fortunately Red Seal have the seamless first aid cure that was made to engross crusts and calm common tummy distresses.

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