Fighting Fatigue Throughout the Day

Becki Andrus

As you work to achieve healthy eating habits, you will find that you have more energy and feel better everyday. It is important to create the right habits if you want long-term success! Experience immediate improvements in your eating by learning more about a healthy eating plan at my website:

Our bodies run off of the fuel, or food, that we put into it. If the wrong kinds of food are put in, then our bodies cannot run as best they could. Rather than drinking an energy drink or eating a quick candy bar for energy, look at your entire meal plan. Having the energy it takes to get through the day comes down to the foods we eat throughout our days.


One way to provide your body with a steady stream of energy is to eat several small meals a day rather than three big ones. Do this will give your body the nutrients it needs all day.

Whole foods are the best foods for our bodies. They are natural and not processed. Processed foods are very hard on our digestive systems. When you eat processed foods your body needs to work harder to digest it. So rather than having energy to go throughout your day, that energy is used to digest your food.

The majority of processed foods do not contain all of the nutrients your body needs. Whole foods are full of vitamins and minerals for your body to use as energy. If your body isn't getting these essential nutrients, it has nothing to turn into energy. So rather than eating chips and cookies, try eating foods with nutritional value. These foods can consist of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

A big reason that we tend to get tired mid day is due to inactivity. To keep our systems moving, we need to be moving. When you are in a stationary position for long periods of time your circulatory system slows down, along with many other body functions. Getting up and moving is the greatest way to wake yourself up. Exercise is the best cure for this. Simply taking a daily walk or bike ride can get your blood moving and energy levels up.

Trying out these healthy energy boosting tips could be the cure to your afternoon fatigue. If you follow them correctly and consistently you will definitely begin to feel a difference throughout your day.

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  • Wice says
    For years and years I went from breakfast to dinner and never ate lunch. I never even thought about it and never missed it. Most days around 4pm I would start feeling tired but I would always bounce back after dinner. Then about three years ago I started having lunch - healthy homemade lunch - fruit, or a salad sandwich. a cup of coffee - nothing lavish. The good thing was I suddenly found that I no longer felt tired in the late afternoon. The bad this is that I gradually put on about seven kilos. I basically only have a cup of tea for breakfast most mornings. I've thought about cutting out lunch again. I don’t eat much at night either and I do eat very good fresh food which I cook from scratch. I am really surprised how much the addition of lunch has affected my body in the circumstances and I realise that the only way to counter this is to get more exercise. Is it worth it for me? Is it possible for me? Do I want to? Am I healthier than I was? Not really – but I do enjoy not feeling tired before dinner.
  • Anna says
    i just started a high protein for breakfast thingy today... i hate shakes... so i made a smoothie with protien shake powder in it... and lots of frash fruit.. and home made yoghurt... was delicious!! and i always gym after breakfast... usually keeps me not to tired feeling =)
  • flowery3 says
    A breakfast with eggs always lasts me a long time, often through until dinnertime with no need for lunch - protein power perhaps?!
    • StillMe says
      Seriously? Wow! A breakfast with eggs would only last me til dinner time if I also ate 4 pieces of toast, bacon, muesli, a large bowl of fruit salad and an Up and Go.
      • KH says
        I'm the same Fiona!
        • Anna says
          me too!! i so cant skip lunch!!
        • Wice says
          Weekends are the only time I have breakfast because I have it with hubbie. Love to have bacon and eggs or poached eggs with hollandaise sauce. I find even one rasher of bacon (not that I have only one) has this peculiar way of making me feel full all day - just don't feel hungry at all till dinner time.
        • Wice says
          Saw these cute pics of kittens who had lost the fatigue battle and just had to share f them......

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