How to Stop Sugar Cravings

Becki Andrus

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How to stop sugar cravings is frequently asked by many but only accomplished by few. If you have tried it too, you know how difficult it is. Sugar addiction is like addiction to alcohol or nicotine; your body becomes dependent on sugar, losing energy even when small amounts are removed from your diet. Another side effect is that your tolerance to sugar becomes higher, which means your body can have large amounts of sugar at a time. You can have sweet treats, but it is healthier if you control your intake.

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The first thing you need to know is important if you do get sugar cravings on a regular basis. There are many signs of sugar cravings, and sometimes people don't realize they are having these cravings at all. Watch out of for the inability to move or lack of energy when you lack sugar for a day. Other symptoms include being very hyperactive after indulging in sweet and sugary treats, diabetic symptoms (constant thirst and urination, increased chances of infection, and so on) but you are not yet a diabetic. Sweets make you hungry even when you are full.

It is difficult to stop sugar cravings, To start, you can remove any sugary treats from your home. Do not buy them, and avoid those stands or stalls that sell sweets if you can. You can start looking at sugar free foods; these kinds of foods are found everywhere, since there are already many health-conscious consumers. These foods are usually labeled with "no sugar", "sugar free" or "diet," so they will not be too hard to find. Be aware that most of them are full of artificial sweeteners, and it is known that these are not good for your health. Switching to whole grains is also an effective method, as whole grain foods are rich in other nutrients and fiber. Fiber from eating veggies is also the way to go. With veggies, your sugary diet will lessen, as they make you feel full and can suppress sugar cravings.

For those who have strong cravings for sugar, this will likely set in. Sugar is a thick substance in liquid form, and your blood with high sugar can be a bit viscous, so you should be better be hydrated in order to regulate your blood flow. Exercise is good. The main point is that it will make you healthier and make you mentally stronger, as well. With good health and strong mind it is easier to fight cravings. You will also need lots of rest to kick a sugar craving. Enough rest will help you stop the sugar craving since lack of sleep will cause your body need more sugar to maintain itself.

It will help tremendously if you learn to identify sugar, like previously mentioned, and avoid it. This is the best way to stop that craving. Knowing the signs of sugar addiction and the triggers that cause you to eat is the first step. Then, knowing that something contains sugar and avoiding it as best as you can, with a strong mind and discipline, is the best way to stop sugar cravings.

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  • danielle216 says
    Ive heard almonds are a great way to curb sugar cravings. I also have a friend that carries a small bottle of pure vanilla in her hand bag, and whenever she gets cravings, she has a smell and apparently that works? I guess its all about tricking the mind if you dont have the mindpower
  • Rorr says
    I found replacing my sugar(chocolate) craving with an apple helped - bad sugar for good sugar. (in theory)
    • Cinty says
      I do the same. And encourage my step son to eat apples too. He's getting to the point where he'd rather an apple or orange over a biscuit or lollies. And he's only 3! So proud of him!
    • chocolate1 says
      Thanks for this interesting article. I have just begun to lead a more healthy lifestyle with doing daily exercise and eating more fruit and veges which I am really enjoying. The hardest thing is the sugar cravings, but I know I will overcome it as I do feel mentally stronger with eating better. Thank you for the inspiration.
    • akg3 says
      I recently decided that I wanted to stop drinking sugary drinks, because I realised that there's no nutritional value in them. I knew this already of course, but something in my brain just suddenly went 'aha!'. So every time I felt like a drink, I'd go and get a drink of water or a hot drink. That was about 6 months ago and I've managed to keep away from the sugary drinks. In fact, on the odd occasion that I decide to have one I don't feel very good afterwards, as it leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth and I can feel the effects of the sugar in my system.
    • Lette says
      removing sugary treats from my home isnt a deterrant, I still get into the car and go to the dairy. But to ease the guilt i buy sugar free lollies
    • Christine says
      I loooooooooove sugar, my partner keeps making fun of me for it - quite often I will have a normal coke while he has a diet :) I think that I exercise enough to be allowed some sugar though.
    • Lauren says
      I'm definitely addicted to sugar.
    • KH says
      I can't stop my sugar cravings with a photo like that!
    • Anna says
      i find candida remedies are a good help for this... its something we dont know about or think we have but so many of us have it and its so simple to get rid of!!
    • KH says
      Thanks Anna. That's something I hadn't thought about at all, but I might have to read some more into that!

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