How Staying Hydrated Can Help You Lose Weight and Look Younger

Becki Andrus

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Do not underestimate the importance of staying hydrated. It has been found that most of us are dehydrated and don't even realize it. Water plays a bigger part in the functioning of our bodies than most people are aware of.

Glass of Water

Water keeps us energized throughout the day, helps with digestion, and regularity. It can even effect our blood pressure. Not only does it do all of these great things for the inside of our bodies, but it also can do wonders for the outside too.

It has been proven that water helps us lose weight. A lot of us mistake being thirsty with hunger. This leads us to eat more food. When we still have an unsatisfied feeling after we eat, we eat more in the hopes to satisfy the feeling. What most don't realize is that if you drank a glass of water before all of this eating you would feel completely satisfied.

It has been found that those would drink a glass of water before sitting down to a meal tend to eat less. The water fills you up and helps you to not overeat. Over time you will come to find that you are eating less and losing weight!

Water also does astonishing things for your skin. Dehydrated skin loses its firmness over time which can cause it to become wrinkled and dry. It can also lead to skin irratiation and inflamation. When you are getting enough water your skin has the elasticity that it needs. It will look healthy and firm causing you to look younger and healthier.

We have been advised to drink 8 eight ounce glasses everyday. By doing this you will notice a difference through out your daily life. You will feel healthier and more energized. Mentally you will also feel better knowing that you are losing weight and gaining healthier skin.

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  • flowery3 says
    I have noticed that drinking more water prevents me from getting so many headaches - with or without wine! I have been drinking a lot of water with slices of lemon in, as we have a lemon tree. It tastes great, but I have recently been wondering if its not so great for my teeth?
  • Anna says
    i always just find drinking water makes me happier and healthier... but i often forget to drink... so i try to carry abottle around me me when ever i can!!
  • Wice says
    This is a controversial topic with as much written about the benefits, as the myth of the benefits, of drinking eight glasses of water a day. There seems little agreement among the ‘experts.’

    The British Medical Journal reports that research shows drinking water when not thirsty can actually impair rather than enhance concentration. In addition, the chemicals used to disinfect bottled water can be bad for your health. Drinking excess water apparently can cause kidney damage and put an unnecessary strain on your body – particularly your cardio-vascular system. Occasionally, it may cause the fatal condition, hyponatraemia where the brain swells.

    However, there does seem some agreement on some positive points. Skin and nail conditions are helped - I guess this is where the looking ‘younger’ bit comes in. On the other hand, the body is already 60%water so a few extra glasses has limited effect according to the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

    Urinary infections may be prevented as bugs are flushed out more frequently. As a contra, I have read that drinking large amounts of water tends to reduce the kidney’s ability to function.

    Headaches from dehydration can be prevented. I was amazed how much whiter the whites of my eyes were when I found myself needing to drink lots of water while on holiday in an unusually hot climate (at least, I think it was the water doing it!)

    As for losing weight. Of course water fills you up. It also makes you want to go to the loo more. It quenches your thirst but doesn’t necessarily quell your hunger.

    Just how much water you need surely is common sense and depends on our lifestyle our environment and what we eat. Those who perspire a lot, live in hot climates, eat little in the way of fresh fruit and vegetables or legumes (which have high water content) are obviously going to need more water. They will feel thirsty more often.

    It seems to me that how much we need to drink is something which should be innate. Is there any other creature on earth who needs instruction about how much they need to drink. The human race has survived for thousands of years. Surely the majority of us can trust our bodies signals to tell us when we are thirsty and need at drink or not - without someone telling us.
  • flowery3 says
    Interesting points there Wice, and I sort of agree - all things in moderation, and dont go mad drinking tons of water...
    But I think there are quite a few of us that DO forget to drink enough when we are busy etc. We wont, of course, cause ourselves damage by dehydrating our bodies, like all animals we will drink what we absolutely need. But I think if we drink more than the bare minimum, our well being is increased. Plus the human animal is somewhat unique in that we will sometimes indulge in behaviours that are not for our best physical well being - alcohol abuse, self harm, over eating etc. Our brains can over-rule our instincts, so sometimes we need some reminders to choose the behaviours that do us most good. Its one of the responsibilities of our free will I guess!
  • Wice says
    What I am saying is this. Is more than we need good for us? By definition, it is not necessary for us. Are we just media suckers? Take the advertising of food and snacks. It is everywhere , charging us at every corner, every blink. We are bombarded by messages telling us we need this and we need that. This will make us look young, irresistible, clever, popular, satisfied, healthy, etc. It is not surprising we come to accept that we need these things regardless of the reality. Most of us at some time slip and bend our logic, and therefore our free will to media or social pressure. We simply don’t have or take enough time to look at the research, to see what might motivate these dictums.

    This is when the problems of over-indulgence can arise . We start to over-ride our natural self preservation instincts. We eat too much. We drink too much. It used to be alcohol. Then juices and soft drinks with their sugary content. Maybe now it is the time to look at water. OK, drinking lots of water doesn’t seem to do most people any harm. It may well have benefits, in the mind or otherwise. However, tell me if I’m wrong… isn’t the perceived need to drink so much water, to constantly carry water with us, a direct result of media hype, articles and advertising - something that has come about since bottled water became commercially available and media technology so pervasive.

    And what about the specifics? Eight glasses a day per adult? Forget about our body size and build, the water content of the foods we eat, our activity levels, our specific environment! Whether Inuit, Bedouin, Kiwi or Kenyan, we all need the eight glasses a day.

    I believe that in a world without any advertising and commercial water companies, we would go back to relying on the natural response of thirst to tell us when we need a drink. We would drink when we were thirsty. We would drink for pleasure when we felt inclined. We might even drink if we knew we were going to be in a situation where we were likely to get thirsty. No doubt, as in past centuries, some of us would be wise enough to use water bottles if the need arose. We would not, however, force ourselves to drink merely because we had been told that we should.
  • flowery3 says
    Indeed - moderation in all things!
  • Bernadette says
    I drink hardly any water! - only if I am REALLY thirsty - which is hardly ever. And even if I am really thirsty i tend to grab a glass of cold milk as appose to water. I dislike the taste of chlorinated water, it just doesn't appeal to me! And room temperature water I don't enjoy. Adding some lemon to it and some ice cubes would encourage me to start drinking water but then of course I will probably be taking many trips to the bathroom!

    I also think that water can be harmful. I know of people that carry around a huge water bottle and refill it many times because they have conditioned themselves to believe that water is a must blahblahblah. I am sure it does fantastic things, as Wice has can't stop and prevent UTI's. However, sometimes people can go TOO far. Too much water can actually cause you to drown...I am sure there are more details (this is just what I have been told!!!)

    This topic does sort of make sense to me now though. It could be the reason as to why my skin is extremely dry! Possibly due to lack of water? I think I may consider drinking more water, just not to the extent of excessive intake! Too much of ANYTHING is not good.

    Thanks for the post, it has encouraged me to drink more water!!!!!
  • KH says
    I love water. It's the best thing when you're thirsty. I enjoy it as it is or with a little lemon added.

    I'm still undecided as to whether the addition of fluoride to our drinking water is okay or not.
    • Anna says
      just poured my self an icey cold glass right now, ahhhh delicious!!
    • flowery3 says
      I got a Brita Water filter and chiller in the farmers sale - great tasting chilled water on tap -mm! Cheaper and better for the planet than bottled water. It also has a funky blue light!
    • Zoe says
      I'm one of those people that do need to be told how much water to drink and then need to actually make myself do it! Because even when I'm thirsty, I'm too busy or lazy or distracted to remember to do it.
      I know all the above benifits are true and I will make myself drink heaps for a few days before I go back to old habits and forget to keep drinking again.

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