Break your fast

Lee-Anne Wann

Lee-Anne is a fitness specialist, presenter & author best known as the tough trainer on the hit Television Series 'Downsize Me'

Many of us have heard this before but we still don’t manage to fit it in or feel like trying to do it.  I often find that the more we understand the “Why’ about something, the more likely we are to stick to it rather than just brush it off and forget about it so here are my top 3 reasons why eating breakfast is an absolute must for anyone who wants to look phenomenal, feel amazing and achieve their health and fitness goals;

  1. You will carry less body fat if you eat breakfast.  Studies show that people who skip breakfast tend to have a higher BMI (body mass index) and are more likely to suffer from obesity.  Eating breakfast helps you manage the amount you eat throughout the day where as skipping breakfast will make you more likely to eat more than you would normally for lunch and dinner.


  1. Eating breakfast can help you make good food choices.  If you eat breakfast, you will be less likely to choose high sugar foods later in the day such as muffins, chips and chocolate.  This is because your energy will be more constant and you are less likely to suffer a drop in blood sugars which is what can make us crave the bad stuff.


  1. You will be a happier person, yes it’s true people who eat breakfast have lower incidences of depression and reduced irritability through the day which again, is down to the constant energy supply allowing your body to function at its best.
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  • flowery3 says
    I find if I treat myself to a cooked breakfast ( usually a weekend treat!) then I don't need lunch - thus I get a treat, feel good, save lunchtime calories, and even save time, as I don't have to interrupt my day for lunch!
  • Hannah says
    I think missing out on any meal during the day isnt a good thing. I find eating a filling breakfast and working my portions down throughout the day suits me best.

    Used to miss my breakfasts when I was studying and found I always suffered a lot more towards the end of the day. I was a lot more run down and couldn't concentrate.
  • Anna says
    yer missing out on any meals is not good... good to have smaller portions because you are fuller... but not good to skip totally!!
  • Lauren says
    I can't skip breakfast or I feel sick.
  • Cinty says
    I used to skip brekkie all the time until I realized it was bad for me. Now I feel a lot better during the day and don't feel so tired after a big breakfast.
  • spencer242 says
    As we all know breakfast is really important. I read about edubirdie review Most of us have heard this before but we don’t try to fit it in or even try to do it. I frequently find that the more we know the “Why’ regarding something, the more we love to do it rather than just ignore it.
  • spencer242 says
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