3 Tips to Reduce Overeating

Becki Andrus

As you work to achieve healthy eating habits, you will find that you have more energy and feel better everyday. It is important to create the right habits if you want long-term success! Experience immediate improvements in your eating by learning more about a healthy eating plan at my website: EverydayHealthGirl.com

We all know how hard it is a see a bag of Oreos or chips and tell ourselves to only eat a few. How can you when they are just so good! There are 3 easy ways that will help you to avoid the temptation of overeating.


#1. Think before you eat
Before you are about to eat something ask yourself "Am I really hungry and do I really need this?" It's difficult to know if you are eating because you are hungry or simply because you are bored. Before you start looking through your fridge sit down and really think about your decision. Look back at the last time you ate and how much you ate. This can really help you to know if you are hungry or just feel the need to eat because you have nothing better to do.

#2.Teach yourself
The best thing we can do is to teach ourselves about portion control and how much we should be eating rather then how much we want to eat. Even though a lot of food comes in personal sized bags, these bags usually have serving sizes for just one, but for two, three, or four! If you are eating a snack that is in a bag that looks to be the perfect amount for one person, check the back of the bag to be sure first. If there isn't just one portion size in the bag then eat some now and save the rest for later. Be aware of how much food you are getting before you start eating it when going to a restaurant or buying food at the grocery store.

#3."No" is the magic word
The word "no" really is a magic word when it comes not overeating. If someone offers you more then you need simply say no, it's ok to pass on seconds. It's as simple as that! Just because getting the "biggie" size drink from McDonald's means you will get more for you money doesn't mean that you should. Even though it's a better deal monetarily, doesn't mean it's right.

Now that you know these three tips to avoid overeating, use them! If you apply these to your daily habits and stick to them it will be a lot less difficult stopping yourself from over eating. Just remember:
1. Think before you eat,
2. Teach yourself, and
3. "no" is the magic word.

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  • Wice says
    Mmmmmmm.... If only it were that simple!
    • Starlite5 says
      That is so true! With so many tempting foods out there who would want to say no.
    • Wice says
      Maybe sticking this on your fridge door might help!
    • Dee-Dee says
      ...close your mouth shut!...and walk away..., its basic common sense really, if you can't do this then eat with portion control...if you over indulge then jump on a tread mill or do some high intensity workout....
    • Wice says
      I once worked with a girl from the US who had her teeth wired together for three months so she had to survive by drinking everything through a straw. The thing is though, that I met her again several years later and she was really quite chubby once more. This time she was on a water diet where she had to drink copious amounts of water all day - this was before bottled water was readily availabale. She used to take a big plastic milk container filled with water went she went out - just in case no water was available. Nowadays this sort of diet would be considered unhealthy and potentially dangerous but back then it was thought it might be the miracle diet of the century!
      • Dee-Dee says
        ...the problem is she is trying to find quick fix it diets and they don't work if you are very overweight or obese....because once you lose the weight you want to lose you have to maintain that weight and that is where everything ususally goes wrong unless you do maintain a good diet and exercise lifestyle if not potentially the weight can come back on two fold....
      • Mellow says
        Drinking lemon juice or cider vinegar is suppose to make the tummy feel full, thus reducing the desire to eat.........
        • KH says
          Maybe that's just what I need. Hopefully I'll manage to lose the last couple of kgs rather than gain another couple before summer sets in.

          Then again...food is just so tempting...
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