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Get Your Healthiest Hair Today

By Yasemin Turker for The Style Glossy

There’s absolutely no denying that living a life without heat-styling tools would be grim. They’re insanely important to any woman (and Zac Efron), and without them, we’d all be suffering severe badhairitis. But like most things that make you feel amazing -- like chocolate, cupcakes and lying in the sun -- your daily blow-drying session is, in fact, doing you harm.

It’s not just your friendly blow-dryer or heat-styler that’s damaging your hair. Other factors such as the environment, the way you wash your hair, as well as the dyes you use can make your hair hate you too. But don’t stress; just like justifying your daily chocolate intake, there’s a solution to everything with the right know-how.

Here’s a list of the most common hair hijackers -- and how to combat them.

Hair Hijacker No. 1: Your Blow-dryer
The solution here is very simple: Turn down the heat. The hotter your dryer, the more damaged your hair becomes. Simply switch the heat from scalding to pleasant, and always apply a heat-protection spray or serum beforehand. Also, be sure not to dry your hair when it’s dripping wet. Instead, gently pat your hair dry with a towel until damp, and then set the dryer on it. Much better.

Hair Hijacker No. 2: The Environment
It’s not just your skin that’s affected by sun, salt and wind -- your hair is too. The UV rays from the sun are actually quite damaging to the hair follicle and can cause it to become brittle, dry and dull. If you’re a sun bunny, look for a range of hair care products that work to protect your hair from the sun. Words like “Solar Defense” and “UV Protection” are what you should look out for.

Hair Hijacker No. 3: Product Overload
If you find that your hair is oily or fine, you’ll need to wash it more than the recommended three times per week. It’s just the way it rolls. So rather than walking around with dirty hair -- or feeling bad for washing your hair more regularly than most -- look for a shampoo and conditioner that caters to fine or oily hair, and make sure the formula you choose is either strengthening or anti-breakage.

Once you’ve picked your product, turn the tap down to cold, drench your hair before applying any product and gently lather the roots only. Once you’re done, rinse with super-cold water to smooth down the hair cuticle, and you’re good to go. Also, watch out for applying too many hair products at once. Stick to the basics, like a heat-protection spray and mousse, rather than coating your ends in a thousand different things. Your hair will love you for it.

Hair Hijacker No. 4: Hair Dye
In particular, peroxide. This dying agent may have made Blondie famous, but when it comes to your poor ends, it’s not doing you any favours. It’s not just blondes who have to watch out for peroxide; most semipermanent and permanent dyes of all colours contain it too. So instead of running the colour all through your hair, try to rest your ends and apply the colour to the roots only if you need a touch-up. If not, skip this step altogether or go for a natural, ammonia-free option instead.

Yasemin Turker is the editor, the go-to site for beauty how-to. She’s known for her love of illuminating products, as well as her personal blog, The Happiness Cocktail.


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