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So best to think ahead, make a mental note anytime you meet someone, could you work with them? what would they be good at? It might be 3 months, 2 years or 20 years and when the situation arises you already have someone to solve the problem! It’s a knack I learned in some book but has been tremendously helpful at Young & Shand. This habit has helped us immensely, there’s no harm in doing it, it’s all win/win. read full article


You never know who you’re going to work with

I love this idea, but I always feel just a little cheeky approaching someone for their help when I dont know them well - I guess its all about networking - can you tell, Im new to this ; )


this is such a wise word of wisdom - it couldn't be more true - the world is a small place, little old NZ even more so. Thanks for reminding me to tread carefully!


im just not goo at this kind of stuff....


Aaaa touché!!


I'd imagine it would be really useful when your in a specific industry or small town. I don't imagine it helping me.


This is really cool! So true too. Cos there will be a time in life when you will probably think 'Yes! That person would be absolutely fantastic in this project/work/job' etcetc. Cool!


Yes you can read a lot from body language my partner did a course years ago on shoplifters and there body language as well as one on what to look out for in a job interview and it works but for some strange reason he has a very good gut instinct and has caught lots of shoplifters over the years.


interesting...also good to consider the old saying be good to those you meet on the way up, you may meet them again on your way down


When I started in business years ago, I really make an effort to network. I attended functions and diligently asked everyone I met for their business card which I filed it away alphabetically with notes of where I had met them, when, plus anything else I could remember. Those with whom I thought I might be able to do business , I followed up with a note saying how I had enjoyed meeting them. From these people I often got a response. I did this for probably three or four years. The others….From those whom I didn’t follow up, the result has been a dusty draw full of business cards from people who have long since left town, changed jobs, etc. There are hundreds of them! I know I should empty out that drawer but who knows, I may have a problem to solve. I may meet them in 20 years and work with them!

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