Discussing :: Win A Smirnoff Pure Potential Cocktail Set

Smirnoff Unleashes #PurePotential Smirnoff sees the potential in any ingredient to make a great drink – in fact, it sees the potential in everything around you from sidewalks as dance floors, jars as glasses and elevators as the start of an office romance! It’s a lot easier to make a drink than you think and most of the time you can find all of the ingredients you’ll need right in your kitchen. Coffee, fruit, milk, sugar, soda water… ice blocks? They’re all perfect mixers to work with Smirnoff vodka – that leftover stick of celery could be the start to the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had. Smirnoff’s Pure... read full article


Win A Smirnoff Pure Potential Cocktail Set

Oh yes please and perfect for summer drinks thanks...:) x

my cocktail i make is a concussion vodka,orange juice, ice, Cointreau and campari - go easy on it as has a big kick but refreshing


I love a margarita on the rocks with lime juice, because it is so refreshing and it tastes really good thanks...:) x


frozen Strawberry daqueri on a hot summers day!!


Love Black Russians , because they are delicious!


Never had a cocktail - it would be cool to make some to try :)


The term by James Bond 'Shaken, not stirred', comes mind... 'The 'Harvey Wallbanger' is simple, tasty & remains a classic..


I love making up my own cocktails as I seldom seem to have all the ingredients I need to make recipe cocktails. However, very simple and top of the list for a summer refresher must be a Moscow Mule - Smirnoff, ginger beer, lime and a sprig of mint (and lots of ice)!


Mojito's They are such a summer drink, refreshing and so easy to drink. I cut the amount of vodka down from 50mls to 30mls so i can have more.. The flavour of the mint is awesome to, i recommend these


I've had a bottle of vodka in the cupboard for years (hope it doesn't go off) never known what to do with it, but a friend was just telling me that it is going to be a New Years party at my place! so cocktails is the answer and now I just need the equipment to make them :) and some recipes.


Pina Colodas, because its like being swept away from dunedin, and being transplanted in the tropics!


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