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BRINGING NEW MEANING TO TOGETHERNESSTake two things that are great individually, combine them, and you get something that’s better than the sum of its parts – Griffin’s Collisions! Griffin’s loves getting customers’ suggestions and great new ideas for biscuits. Several letters had the same ideas about mixing biscuits, the Griffin’s bakers started playing around - and where better to start than New Zealand’s favourite biscuits?Ever imagined what a MallowPuff would taste like if it was mixed with a ToffeePop? A Squiggle Chocolate Chippie? Griffin’s - New Zealand’s oldest biscuit-making company - won’t... read full article


Win a Griffin's Collisions giftpack

Griffin’s Collisions, do more, they collide the taste buds beautifully....... A chippie off the old block for sure..


mint mallowpuffs- could it get any better- i think not


Griffin's Collisions- a treat for the taste buds, the pathway to anytime happiness!


These would go down a treat at work, after all I can't keep them all to myself. Or can I?


Yum i cannot wait to try these :)


I would like these to collide with my stomach.


Double biscuit! Collision biscuits are the best excuse to have two! No more feeling guilty about taking that second biscuit! Not only that it is double the taste explosion in one mouthful. Thanks Griffins!


yum yum in my tum


Ive tried them 1 is not enough


ToffeePops collided with delicious Krispie Biscuits...oh lord have mercy...forgive me father for i am going to sin

Collision of flavours, collision of senses, divine explosion!

Had a car collision last week, not nice. Still had insurance. But give me as many Griffins Collisions as you like I wont say no, they are so so good. Might have to claim on the health insurance sometime though. My tummy's going to have fun in the meantime though.

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