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A CAFÉ QUALITY MOCHA MOMENT If your hot drink of choice is a mochaccino, but you can never recreate the café’s concoction at home, the moment is now here. Take freshly ground Gravity Coffee, add real devilishly dark chocolate, and you have new Mochaplunge. These simple sachets let you have great quality mochas at home - all you need is boiling water and a plunger. Mochaplunge is real coffee, real chocolate and real simple! Coffee experts, Gravity challenged its blendmaster to come up with a great mocha that anyone can make at home or at the office. Inspired by baristas, they have used the very best fresh roasted and ground coffee... read full article


Win a Gravity Mochaplunge Prizepack

yum!! Im so going to buy some of these... will save me heaps of coffee money =)

real coffee and real chocolate? Now that is a good idea!! And it's only $2 a sachet, which is around half what I pay at my fave coffee store. Can't even imagine how it works. If you try it Anna let us know! And I'm going to look out for it too :)

I'd like to know what you think if you try it too!


I want to make decent coffee at home, but without the 'machine', I make do with instant. Real coffee is an outing for me.


but with this is like instant but real!


yummy, i love mocha's there the best, after ive had my double short black of course. wil have to check them out unless of course im a lucky one


I have never owned a plunger but i really want to win this one, i love coffee & Chocolate. Two of my favorites in one =D


Wow yum!! I don't usually drink mochaccinos but I love coffee and chocolate both and this really makes me want to try it out!


Wow ! I love coffee so much I eat it straight from the packet ! Ok that's not true but coffee is the only vice I have in life so that's ok.

lol eating straight from the packet.... reminds me of those raro sachets... we used to eat them when we were kids!! flavoured sugar... yum!

I used to eat jelly straight from the packet. I think we even used to take them to school and share it around. Haha. Yuck. We were so deprived. Now my kids just get lollies from the lolly box.

Have you tried those chocolate covered coffee beans? You can eat them straight from the pack :)

I am a fan of those too!


Classic combination of flavours. Great for wintery days.


This would be great for work. Perfect sized plunger so there will be no sharing!


It would be great to be able to make mocha in my plunger, I am keen to give these a try.


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