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Amanda is the girl people said they most want to „Share a COKE®‟ with when they voted for which names should feature on a new release of 600mL COKE® bottles to share.  Last month, COCA-COLA invited Kiwis to have their say on which names should appear on COKE® bottles next, and more than 30,000 nominations and votes were submitted to decide the final 50 new names.  Amanda received the most votes, with Vanessa, Kayla and Samantha close behind. Michael was the most-voted-for boys name, rounding out the top five.  Who do you want to Share a COKE® with?Amanda may be the girl Kiwis said they most want to ‘Share... read full article


Share it with my daughters Amy, Kathryn, Juliette & Erin


My name's Karla and I would like to share a coke with my best friend Wendy, because she's had a tough year and could do with some cheering up!


I'd share a coke with one of best friends, Aroon, because growing up she never had the opportunity to own a gawdy keyring, plastic cup, *insert other cheap items from the $2 shop* because her name was so unique. BUT now her time has come!


...My friends and family usually call me by my sporting nick name Alex named after Alex Rodriguez the New York Yankees baseball player, because I was captain of our girls softball team and apparently I could pitch fast and hit some pretty cool home runs for a girl...and the name has stuck.....I would like to share mine with my partner Dylan....who is a hard working and wonderful man....and I am grateful that he is in my life and made it more stable and relaxed....


My name's Jacqui and I'd love to share a coke with my grandson Fabian. His sister Ella and mum Amy both have coke bottles with their names on but with his uncommon name I don't think there will be a 'share a coke with Fabian'.


i would love to share a coke with Jesse Cadle cause he is the love of my life and even though we have had a rough time together we always seem to get threw am we love each other so much. i would do anything for him.


I would like to share a coke with myself because a) i am pretty sure my name does not yet feature on a can (Natala) and b) I can never find my name on anything and c) coke is awesome and i dont want to share it (although my partner MAY be lucky and get a slurp)...


My friend Mary Ann who has had a challenging year, but has a heart of gold and keeps us all sane and laughing.


With My wonderful children, Erina & Christie! Cause they're my girls and they are great!!


i would love to share a coke with my hero fedor

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