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Amanda is the girl people said they most want to „Share a COKE®‟ with when they voted for which names should feature on a new release of 600mL COKE® bottles to share.  Last month, COCA-COLA invited Kiwis to have their say on which names should appear on COKE® bottles next, and more than 30,000 nominations and votes were submitted to decide the final 50 new names.  Amanda received the most votes, with Vanessa, Kayla and Samantha close behind. Michael was the most-voted-for boys name, rounding out the top five.  Who do you want to Share a COKE® with?Amanda may be the girl Kiwis said they most want to ‘Share... read full article


My friend Toni. Every time we go past coke bottles she looks for her name and is all sad when she can't find it. Maybe if I don't win I should photoshop one for her just for fun :)


I'd like to share a Coke with my family because I've been living away from them 5 years already. would love to share something that brings back our happy memories.


I would love to share a coke with my son Steve (n) He loves coke and is always checking to see if there is any with his name on it when we go to the supermarket.


would love to get I for my friend whos Nickname is GG that stands for great gran, yep she remembers coke in thick small glass bottles with the original formula ... and 1 for cristeen.


I would share a coke with my beautiful husband, but do you think i can find a "share a coke with Shikanee" anywhere! it's a hard name lol


My name is never on anything lol this would be great & i would share with my fiancee, my best friend :)


Im amber and i would love to share a coke with tuffy because hes the most wonderful friend EVA!


Would love to share a coke with my sons Josh & Jayden on a hot day beside the local river.


I would share a Coke with Pepsi! (just kidding!) I have been away from new zealand for two and a half years now, and just returned. I would share a coke with my friends I haven't seen for so long. One friend of mine has had a terrible year this year, so I want to share MANY Cokes with her! Someone crashed into her, and only got $500 to replace her car from the insurance company, She gt a terrible back injury Her partner became almost blind Then, her dog had to get a tumor removed After everything was going alright, she found out she had a serious illness. Therefore, I need to share many Cokes with my friend Sue. Now I'm also trying to raise money by selling my oil paintings on trademe to also help. Sue, we need to share some Coke together From Lucy


I would share with my husband, he loves coke!


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