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This summer, Chelsey is giving you the chance to go into the draw to win one of two bottles of Aperol – one of the world’s fastest growing international spirits.  Bright in colour, Aperol has a uniquely bittersweet tasted with an unmistakable note of orange. Its highly secret recipe has not changed since its creation and is based on the infusion of citrus fruits with a blend of high-quality herbs and roots!   Try the world famous Aperol Spritz:45ml Sparkling Wine (Prosecco)30ml AperolSplash of SodaSlice of Orange To enter, comment below to register your interest then head to the Entertainment forum and make a constructive... read full article


Sounds great and refreshing. Sounds like it would be great to have with a BBQ

This is a newone to me but it does sound really lovely.I love citrus flavours.

Definitely not citrus flavours if it's like Campar which is very bitter rather than sour.


Saw th is video showing a baby trying grapefruit for the first time. I guess it was proabably a bit bitter - not the awesome bitterness of Campari - but enough for a very funny reaction!

he seems a little unsure.. but doesnt seem to hate it!! very cute though!!


We've got some of this at home and use it as an alternative to Campari. It's quite a bit more affordable than Campari. We all like Campari more but it is a nice alternative. I've only had it with soda so far.


Sounds like a great drink to have at the bar when entertaining guests.


I havent heard of this before but sounds like something worth trying


Brilliant KH. I was hoping someone had tried it and could tell us more. It's only 11 % alcohol, less than half that of Campari so no wonder it's a better price. I've also discovered that as well as quinine, Aperoni contains among other things, bitter orange, gentian, and rhubarb. According to Sabato's website, it is slightly sweeter than Campari although it has the same sugar content - must be other things that are more diluted I guess. A bottle of Aperol costs $36.99a topshelfliquior.co.nz whereas a bottle of Campari costs $49.99.


ooh all these new drinks sounds like it would be nice with vodka and orange joice as a cocktail served on crushed ice


Seems to be an interesting new drink to share with friends on cocktail night :)


I love giving new things a go, esp the thought of sitting in the sun trying a fruity drink to celbrate xmas.


Sounds like something my dad and I would enjoy.

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