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PLAYFUL PUPS THE KEY TO KIWIS’ HEALTH A new survey by the BENEFUL team shows that play has a crucial role to play in New Zealanders’ overall wellbeing – 94% of Kiwis surveyed identified that it is very important for physical, mental and emotional health. Yet despite these indisputable results, more than 60% of Kiwis don’t think they play enough. However, the solution to this conundrum may be simple – get a dog!Almost 80% of people who have a dog believe that their pups help them to play more, and equally almost 80% of people who don’t have dogs believe that having a dog would help them play more!  To help get... read full article


Win a Beneful prize pack for your dog

My dog Jade shares her birthday with her "daddy" (my partner), but is the same age as my son (4) and just ADORES my two kids and my stepson who comes every fortnight! she is soo loving and protective of them and I love how she even growls and snarles at the thunder while standing in the kids doorway as if to say "what ever you are you are not coming in here and hurting these kids"!! <3 we love Jade so very much!


My dog is my best friend in the whole wide world... but we all say that, dont we. She is, according to my friends, better behaved than their children and you can speak to her just like a person. She knows shame and when she farts and someone catches a wiff and says Poo! She hangs her head in shame and leaves the room. She also knows how to open doors! I was moving house so she spent a couple of weeks at my uncles house which was agonising. I forgot to tell him of her hidden talent. It was the dead of winter on a cold wet night and she's used to sleeping indoors, so, she opened the back door and let the two long haired little dogs in that my relatives have. In the middle of the night my Aunt and Uncle woke to the blood curdling screams of their two daughters because the little dogs had run into their rooms wet and covered in mud and jumped all over there beds. After much caffufle, the little dogs were herded out the door and my uncle went to the back door to close it, not being able to figure out how on earth they opened the door. When he turned on the laundry light to shut the door, who was curled up in the washing basket with her eyes closed and paws over her eyes pretending to hide? My darling pooch. I'm just greatful she cant talk, all the stories and secrets she could telll. She knows when I'm feeling down and comes to give me a hug. She dances with me round the lounge. She's seen out 10 years of bad boyfriends. My finace and I bargin over who gets her if anything happens and we go our seperate ways.... She's currently worth 2 flat screen TVs, a car, a house and all the furniture contained in it. I said if anything happens, he can have the lot. She's coming with me! :)


My dog has lots and lots of energy! She is a pointer/collie cross and is always busy. Her favourite game is fetch (when she decides to bring the ball back) and will play for hours. When I'm tired and give up the game she will stare at the tennis ball for hours until we give it another go. She loves the beach, running, kids, other dogs, going on holidays and eating. I'm looking forward to taking her out and about now that the weather has improved - we could both use the fitness!


I saved my dog from being put down at the pound. When I first brought her home she was very timid and got around with what was once her tail between her legs. I could tell she had been neglected. Once she became used to us, I could see her personality shine! She is a lovely dog, great with children, and a very quick learner in terms of training. She is a great family pet and my son and I love her very much. :)


My dog is mine and my partners best friend! hes 2 years old now an we have had him since he was 8 weeks. He is a very protective loyal dog and absoloutely loves our 5 month old daughter who he is also really protective of. when we take my baby and dog for a walk, he will walk along side the pram and stop and guard her everytime. When we both get home, he will come running out to the gate an get all excited but crying with joy. He loves walks, an really loves us getting out there and playing tennis ball with him. He can really make us laugh, some people say oh its just a dog but not to us, our best friend and he has feelings to!!! He is a german shepard.


I would be giving this to my best friends who own a beautiful dog named Doug. He is so full of energy and everyone's best friend. Unlike alot dogs he does not hide away from new people, he does leaps and bounds onto them in a friendly way and always puts a smile on our faces. The coolest thing is, with 6 of us that live in our flat, we've all got our own Doug related songs we sing with him. Some include 'My Best friend Doug' song from The Hangover, Fergies 'Dougalicious' and my new one 'i'm a Doug' by Trick Daddy. Always makes for good flat entertainment :D


Tess is a lovely Border collie cross with huntaway. Very loving. Not a lot of bark but a good guard dog. love her to bits.


"Kelsey", is family! The fun and the mischief go hand in hand. To have a dog is to have a friend for life!


We have 5 dogs, one mid sized black terrier called Tinkerbell, and 4 American Bulldogs, our male is called Chucky and we have three bitches called Racheal, Rani and Wombat. They are a massive part of our family and we wouldn't be without anyone of them. Life can get difficult as a couple of the girls dont get on so there is a roster for inside time :) also 3 dont like the cat so for his safety their time in the house is when he's contained in a room. It can be difficult ensuring they all have equal attention and play but every member of the family love them to bits so are more than happy to spend time with the dogs. The thing that amazes me about them all is their different personalities and how they have bonded with different family members, we have a cuddler, a hyperactive girl, a old cruiser, a bossy boots and our boy who is king.


my dog his name is Kaos, hes a staffy brindle, 2 yrs old and he is wonderful. we love him very much hes such a good obedient family dog.


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