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This lotion smells great, and offers a little sun protection too, at SPF 15. I wore it on a sunny day and didn't get burnt - always a good sign! However, I also wore it on a day that poured, and when I was outside I got saturated. Even though I'd applied the lotion hours before, my skin felt slimy once I was soaked, and I could feel the lotion rubbing off. It might not say water resistant, but I didn't expect it to literally run down my arms and legs in the rain. Needless to say, it left me uncomfortable. So, if you are going to wear Vaseline's total moisure daily lotion, make sure there's no chance of rain! One of the major causes of... read full article


Great value for money, a good old fashioned trust worthy brand


Aloe is such an amazing natural ingredient, as kids many years ago we would cut a leaf of and rub it on anything itchy scratchy and hoe effective the raw product was is astounding


This body lotion is fantastic I use it everyday! I have eczema so my skin is very dry and sensitive and this doesn't cause any irritation. I am also very pale and burn like you wouldn't believe so it is all round a great lotion for me :)


The great thing is as well as being a solid product, for those of us with a family and a budget it's inexpensive, I can buy it at the supermarket, and it doesn't matter if the teenagers slather it on!


Any new moisture lotion with a spf rating and aloe from a trusted brand is worth a try as it may just work for me. Love trying new products.Thanks for the advice though.


I hate dry skin i actually resorted to only using body butter but I'm not always too impressed with the sticky feeling afterwards. ill be willing to get a bottle of this and best of all the sun protection factor will be a added benefit.


I absolutely love this product. It works wonders and smells great


Interesting - so no good for swimming days then. Sounds good for a sunny day, though


Vaseline Aloe Fresh has always been a trusted skin product for myself and my partner... and we can guarantee the finish product.. that is why we always buy Vaseline... Cheers!!!


cool aloe vera sunscreen just the job for summer

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