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Actor-come-filmmaker David Schwimmer’s sophomore theatrical effort as a director, 2011’s Trust deals with sensitive, challenging subject matter that most directors would refuse to touch with a 20-foot pole. Armed with a timely significance and a relevant message pertaining to the dangers of the World Wide Web, this is a powerful and provocative independent drama with a central premise that is neither “Hollywood-ised” nor sugar-coated. In a nutshell, Trust presents an intimate portrait of the full story behind what often amounts to an insignificant newspaper headline, and it explores the emotional traumas that... read full article



This looks like a moving story touching on a topic which often unfortunately happens in our world


This is the sort of movie that is very close to home for alot of people. Only a few weeks ago I was warned about a man who had been having txt coversations with 10 and 11 year olds, he turned out to be in his late 30's. I would really like to see this movie and find out what it's rateing is as it may be something worth showing to my 12 year old. We keep our computer in the lounge so we can keep an eye on who she's talking to and what sites shes on but they still need to be aware that you cant trust everyone. Good on David Schwimmer for making this movie, it could potencially save someone from exactly that.


I wondered what David Schwimmer was up to these days! Sounds like a great film - hard hitting and topical, a nice change from the usual fluff coming out of Hollywood.


its weird seeing david producing a film that's so intense like this. i'm so use to seeing him in comedy roles. this looks like a very educational movie (as weird as that sounds). i know FAR too many people, accepting, adding and talking to random people on facebook. it's sooo bad, you never know who could be behind a computer?! i mean look at the natalia burgess thing that happened.


Wow, looks as though it would be a very emotional movie. And as people have already mentioned, it would hit close to home for a lot of people.


loks like a movie worth watching... looks deep...


I just recently saw this. It was rather intense! Could be considered quite educational though!!


From the revie, I can't help but wonder if it could help groom potential offenders if it so acurately portrays their methods?

I imagine they'll find a way anyway. If it wasn't something like this it would be something else that was just as simple to access.


Good point Wice. It quite possibly could. I am not sure if you have seen it or not but it does show a lot of hate towards the predator. At times it is hugely graphic. I don't want to give anything away but I can see how it may stop potential offenders?! ---- but then of course, why would an offender want to watch something like that? I also have no idea why some people do things like this, it sickens me!!

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